What is haute couture?

Have you ever heard of such a thing as “haute couture”? Think not? You are mistaken, of course, heard: "haute couture" - a phrase that came from the French concept of "haute couture", which, if translated literally, means "high tailoring" or "high fashion".

And, by the way, this does not at all mean something like “from Versace” or “from Petrovich,” as it is sometimes understood in Russian, “haute couture” is the highest mark of quality that speaks of the high value of a particular fashion object.

Today, haute couture is considered the highest segment of the entire fashion market, which presents to the world the best and most exclusive clothes produced by the most fashionable and famous Fashion Houses.

In fact, clothes from such collections can be equated to family jewels, because its cost can easily pass for a hundred thousand dollars, while each model is created exclusively for its customer, often contains more than one meter of unique and extremely expensive fabric, and abundance of jewels.

"From haute couture" is always a lot of moneya real show and better models of the world that harmoniously combine with the unique craftsmanship, centuries-old traditions laid down by the first couturiers, as well as the real soul of the art of tailors and fashion designers.

The history of "haute couture"

What is haute couture today? To answer this question, it is important to delve into the history of the emergence and development of this concept. "From haute couture" is not just something unique, exclusive and incredibly expensive. In order for a couturier to have the opportunity to create clothes from haute couture, he must receive a certificate and become a member of the Paris High Fashion Syndicate.

The latter is exclusively a French trade union, which operates according to fairly strict rules. For example, such clothing must necessarily be 70% hand-sewn, and the fabric for its creation is selected exclusively from those models that were presented at the High Fashion Week.

It is believed that the first real couturier is Ch. F. Worth, who specifically moved to Paris in 1858 and opened his fashion house there. Why precisely he? Yes, because it was Worth who first began to dictate his rules to his dear clients, which they appreciated and accepted.It was he who began to delineate the collections according to the seasons, his models were represented by live girls, and not rag dolls, as was customary before.

He first sewed personalized ribbons to his outfits, which testified to the true origin of each model that came out of his hands. I must say that all the innovations put forward by Worth, quickly adopted by other designers, who called him a real revolutionary in the fashion world.

To date, in order to join the ranks of "Haute couture", it is necessary to apply to the High Fashion Syndicate, where it will be examined and subjected to careful study. For example, to obtain a cherished status, which, you should note, can be obtained only with the main production in Paris, at the same time, at least 20 permanent employees, among whom there are the highest specialists in silk, cut, and permanent mannequins.

Fashion House every year must produce at least 2 collections, in which 50 fresh models are presented. In addition, you must pay a considerable entrance fee, but what status is acquired through difficult conditions!

"Haute couture" in the modern world

Surprisingly, most of the fashion traditions that were dictated by Worth more than 100 years ago continue to be observed in the world of High Fashion today! As then, the dresses are created solely on the figure of the customer, and all models presented on the catwalk are nothing more than samples.

Like many years ago, such things are very expensive, sometimes a fortune, which is inherited or, over time, put up for auction. As a rule, such clothes are worn only a couple of times at extremely significant and pompous events, which are of particular importance in the world.

Designers from such a Fashion House approach each new image with special attention and vigilance, with each order asking a lot of questions so that two dresses from the same collection cannot “meet” at one event.

In general, not all wealthy people will be able to afford such a luxury, each of the Houses, on average, serves about 150 privileged permanent clients. Someone says that haute couture is a relic of the past, however, be that as it may, this is the cultural heritage of France, a storehouse of centuries-old experience and ancient knowledge that distinguish such clothes from stamped “made in China”.

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