What is modern pedagogy as a science

Pedagogy is the science of education and training of man. Modern pedagogy consists of several categories: socialization, education, training and education. The most broad concept is socialization, which consists in the inevitable and experienced by every person multi-stage and diversified process of development of their mental and physical qualities under the influence of the social environment. Initially, this process was unorganized, spontaneous and almost uncontrollable, but with the advent of a developed civilized society, it is becoming more and more organized and manageable. An important role in it is played by educational activities.
Education is an organized, orderly, targeted form of socialization, implemented through a system of specialized institutions. Education is not only a process of socialization of the younger generation, but also an integral process of the formation of the inner essence of people.
The next category of pedagogy as a science is learning as one of the most important components of pedagogical activity. The essence of learning is the joint activity of students and trainers in mastering certain knowledge. The scope and nature of this knowledge in modern educational institutions is determined by curricula and plans, which establish a list of studied disciplines and their content. Training is the fundamental basis of education.
Upbringing is the process of transforming the knowledge gained in the course of learning into sustainable behaviors, skills and abilities, which is related to learning. According to the well-known philosopher Hegel, one cannot teach man carpentry without teaching him carpentry. This means that education can be considered holistic only if training is combined with upbringing, and the knowledge gained is applied by a person in real activity, without remaining a dead weight.
To these main concepts, which constitute the main categories of the apparatus of modern pedagogical science, are added a few others.They reflect the latest trends in the theoretical and practical development of education, for example, this includes educational management and computerization of education. Thus, modern pedagogy studies the features of upbringing and training of a person characteristic of the present time.

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