What is thalassotherapy?

Sea water has long been known for its healing properties. And, transmitted from generation to generation, knowledge of this became the basis for a whole complex of procedures called thalassotherapy. It is a relax, recovery and rejuvenation “in one bottle”. Want to know more? Read on.

Cradle of life

That is what seawater is called. After all, its composition is ideal for both man and other living beings living in the depths of the seas and oceans. Back in the 19th century, doctors discovered the incredible similarity of this fluid with the plasma of human blood.

Today in the world there are about 100 hotels where thalasso procedures can offer tourists. But it is worth being very attentive, because there are standards for this type of alternative therapy. Therefore, the level and quality of services must strictly comply with them.

In addition to water, thalassotherapy also includes marine potentials such as mud, algae and a unique climate. In this case, a real spa should be located no further than 1 km from the sea line, since all sessions require the use of water from it.

Who is shown such a rest and recovery? First of all, those who are familiar with the syndrome of chronic fatigue and the state of constant stress. It will not be superfluous in the presence of excess weight, metabolic disorders, excessive swelling, problems with the musculoskeletal system and to restore the body after surgery.

Sea treatment

It is believed that the best centers for spa treatments are in Tunisia, Israel and France. But even in our country, many salons offer to use such services, and get the opportunity to feel like in a resort. How is this possible? Through the use of algae. 1 liter of processed green seedlings is equal in terms of the amount of useful substances to 10 thousand liters of fluid from the ocean.

The spa offers you a wider choice, offering several types of relax-treatment:

WrappingMost often it is recommended to those who are fighting against cellulite and age-related changes for the benefit of a beautiful body. In this case, a special mass of algae is applied to problem areas and wrapped in a dense fabric. The "effect of the sauna" and the mineralization of the body help to stimulate the metabolism, remove toxins, reduce puffiness and eliminate the appearance of cellulite.

There is also a session of "thermal abrasion."First, a mixture of mud clay containing a large amount of silicon, magnesium and copper, and essential oils is applied to the body, and then it is sent under the electric blanket. This quickly relieves muscle tension, improves skin condition and overall well-being. Best of all, these sessions work in conjunction with massage and pressure therapy. An excellent option for body care.

Mud Masks and Baths. Dirt contains active organic acids and resins that help get rid of cellulite and have lymphatic drainage effect. And for the face such means are well-known assistants in the matter of nourishing, cleansing the pores and increasing elasticity.

Hydromassage.Especially effective in problems with the musculoskeletal system. The directional flow perfectly relaxes and tones up, improving the work of muscles and joints, activates the movement of lymph and blood, splitting fats. And iodine, iron, zinc, selenium, penetrating through the skin, successfully absorbed by the body.

CavitotherapyAnother pleasant and rewarding experience is the inhalation of sea air. Thus, the lungs and bronchi are actively saturated with pure oxygen, which helps to remove harmful substances from their surface.Such procedures are effective for the normalization of the mental state and therapy of the respiratory organs.

Cavitotherapy can also be carried out using artificially produced air through the process of sea water ionization.

In addition, customers can offer various types of peeling and compresses. Sessions for every taste.

Advantages and disadvantages

Relaxing body and soul - this is exactly about thalassotherapy. After all, she really has many advantages:

  • allows you to simultaneously relax, relax and get a health effect;
  • has wide medical indications;
  • a large list of procedures from which you can choose those that you like and can afford.

But this method and disadvantages is not devoid, among which:

  • Mandatory visits to certified spas, if you want to experience the effect of this thalassotherapy;
  • a set of procedures is expensive;
  • Some sessions may be canceled or postponed due to bad weather conditions.

But even if you do not have the opportunity to indulge yourself with a holiday in a foreign resort, this is not a reason to be sad. After all, at home, thalassotherapy sessions are also possible.The effect of them, of course, will not be exactly the same as after the spa, but for body care, they definitely will be effective. The main thing is to buy high-quality sea salt, mud and algae.

Thalassotherapy is one of the methods to improve health. But, at the same time, and an excellent form of recreation. Do not deny yourself the pleasure and be healthy!

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