What is the expected weather in Moscow and the Moscow region in November 2017 - a detailed forecast of the weather center

1PMN-003Moderately cold, snowy and overcast - this is what the weather will be like in Moscow in November 2017. The forecast of the weather center says that warmer days will fall at the beginning of the month, and at the end it will become colder, not only in the capital, but throughout the region. A light drizzle will replace the snow and the region will meet in winter in a luxurious snow-white attire.

Weather in Moscow in November 2017 - preliminary data from the weather center at the beginning and end of the month

According to preliminary data released by employees of the Russian weather center, the weather in Moscow in November 2017 is expected to be cool and overcast. The sky above the city will be tightly closed by heavy snow clouds and the sun will be able to break through their cordon no more than 2-3 times a month.Precipitation in the form of light rain will almost stop, and they will be replaced by sleet. True, it will not fall for a long time and will quickly melt under the influence of positive temperature, but slush, mud and puddles will leave behind guaranteed.


At the beginning of November, the thermometer will not rise above + 5 ... 7 ° C, and by the end, the minus indicators will become constant, and not only at night, but also during the daytime. Serious increase in relative humidity (up to 90%) and create an unpleasant feeling of dampness in the capital. Walking in such weather through the streets without a headdress, windproof outerwear and waterproof shoes will be very uncomfortable and even risky, because during this period seasonal colds are activated, and the body becomes more vulnerable to attacks of microbes and other negative external irritants.

Weather in Moscow for November 2017 - the most accurate forecast of the weather center of Russia for every day


According to the most accurate forecast of the Russian hydrometeorological center, the weather in Moscow in November 2017 will not bring any surprises to residents and guests of the capital. In the first half of the month, thermometers will still record moderately warm temperature readings, and by the end a stable minus will be established in the city.For the first decade, drizzling rains will still be characteristic, but the bulk of precipitation will fall after the 13th and already in the form of wet snow. In the last days of the month, autumn will remind of itself with a three-day warm “window”, but from November 30 it will give up its rights to winter and December will be met by a light snow-white cover and frost at -4 ° C.

Daily accurate weather forecast in Moscow for November 2017

November 2017 in Moscow will begin with dry, cloudy, cool days. On the 1 st and 2 nd numbers, the air will not warm up more than up to + 1 ... 2 ° C during the daytime and the same figures only with a minus sign at night. With 3 will begin to gradually warm up and the mercury column will rise to + 4 ° C. 5 and 6 in the sky the sun will seem and will delight residents and guests of the capital with their presence. In the next two days the temperature will continue to grow, but this pleasant event will spoil the little drizzling rain. After November 10, despite a stable plus, precipitation will take the form of sleet and slightly powder the streets and avenues with white snowflakes.

By November 13, the air will cool to + 1 ° C, and 14 thermometers will fix the first daily negative values ​​(-2 ... 5 ° C). From the 16th to the 21st the weather will settle down more or less evenly.In the morning, the air temperature will fluctuate in the range -3 ... + 1 ° C, and in the evening it will drop to -2 ... 4 ° C. The snow will become a constant and its layer will increase and thicken each time.

On the 22nd and 23rd numbers will fall on the last two months of this month, moderately cloudy and windless days. In the final week of the month, it will warm to + 4 ... 6 ° C in the city and it will rain to replace the snow. However, on November 29 and 30 the frost would strike again, as if hinting autumn, that its time was up, and winter was ready to become a full-fledged mistress in the capital.

What will the weather in the Moscow region in November 2017 - a preliminary forecast of weather forecasters


Today’s weather forecast tells us about what the weather will be like in the Moscow region in November 2017. In the northern part of the region, precipitation and active minus will come at the beginning of the month. Almost all the snow that fell in the first days will lie down until December and only slightly tans on the surface during rare sunny days.

On the southern territories, already traditionally, frosts will penetrate only at the very end of November, but clear, sunny and warm days, all the same, will be small. The average temperature in the morning will be + 6 ... 8 ° C, and by night it will go down to 0 ° C.Precipitation in the form of rain will become a characteristic feature of the month, and at the end, when it becomes thoroughly cold, will turn into snow.

The East and West will feel the approach of winter in the middle of November, and in the central regions the meteorological situation will develop exactly as in the capital. At the end of the month, almost all of the territory will have a stable minus and in winter the region will enter with snow and quite severe temperature indicators.

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