What is the history of the umbrella

The history of the umbrella

Historians believe that the first devices, resembling a modern umbrella, began to be used in China, India and Egypt, and this happened a thousand years before the advent of the new era. The prototype of the umbrella was essentially a structure made of bamboo stalks, palm leaves and bird feathers. The umbrella was an accessory that at first only representatives of the nobility could afford.The first umbrellas weighed two or three kilograms and had a long handle, which was a symbol of the power and power of the ruling person.
The impressive size and weight of umbrellas imposed certain restrictions on the method of their use. Most often the umbrella was strengthened behind the ruler’s throne. Sometimes he was held in the hands of a special person, close to the reigning person and enjoying her confidence. The wide umbrella reliably protected the person from scorching heat.
In the East, the umbrella was a kind of symbol of the rebirth of life and fertility. And only a few centuries later this adaptation became part of the daily life of many nations.It was actively used by the inhabitants of Ancient Rome, where it gradually became an indispensable element of the order of noble women.

Umbrella: elegant, fashionable and practical

In Europe, umbrellas appeared relatively late - approximately in the XIV century. Ladies of Holland and France actively used umbrellas that protected from the sun's rays. For three centuries, the umbrella has remained an accessory, testifying to luxury and wealth.The design of the umbrella has become more sophisticated, but it still remained quite heavy.
In Russia, umbrellas appeared closer to the middle of the XVIII century. They were brought from Holland. Russian women of fashion especially liked the beautiful umbrellas, decorated with ruffles and lace, which are perfectly protected from the sun. Soon the masters came up with a variety of forms for umbrellas. It was possible to meet umbrellas not only round, but also square or oval.
Around this time, umbrellas began to be widely used to protect against rain. The first such umbrella was equipped with a tarpaulin-like covering. Over time, the umbrella has become one of the men's accessories. He was able not only to protect against bad weather, but could be used as a comfortable cane. And if necessary, a massive umbrella became a weapon against hooligans.
One and a half centuries ago, an umbrella was invented in England, the basis of which was made from a metal frame with knitting needles. It has become possible to use a thin and durable water-repellent fabric as a protective sheath. Gradually, the umbrella has ceased to be a subject accessible only to the rich and noble personages.

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