What is the temperature during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the happiest period of life of almost every woman. And waiting for a baby is one of the most enjoyable activities in the whole world. But very often, the period of pregnancy is closely related to various uncomfortable situations that disturb a woman and make him more likely to see a doctor more often than usual. Therefore, it is very important to know what the temperature during pregnancy is normal so as not to harm yourself and the baby.

Temperature Measurement Methods

There are three ways to measure the temperature of a pregnant woman. This is a classic way when a thermometer is placed in the armpit for 5 minutes. This method in medicine is called axillary temperature measurement. There is also a measurement of the basal body temperature of a pregnant woman and an oral temperature measurement when the tip of the thermometer is placed in the mouth.

The reasons for the increase in temperature

The reasons can be quite a lot. First of all, a pregnant woman, like all people, is not protected from various kinds of viruses and infections.In addition, the body of a pregnant woman, especially in the first trimester, is noticeably weakened, and therefore more prone to disease. Therefore, it is necessary to responsibly monitor what the body temperature during pregnancy, since not only the proper development, but also the life of the unborn child may depend on it.

Also, the body temperature of a pregnant woman can significantly increase at the junction of the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, when the breast begins to actively prepare for milk production. During this period, a woman's body temperature can even rise to 38 degrees. But it is held in such cases not for long. It is very important to know what to measure in such cases, the temperature by the axillary method is not worth it, because hot breasts can give the wrong result. The best way to do this is to have a rectal or oral temperature measurement to get the right results.

It is also worth watching what the temperature during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, when the initial formation of the fetus. Here it must be remembered that the total body temperature, which during this period is considered normal, can even reach 37.4 degrees.This is due to the active production of the hormone progesterone, which affects the center of thermoregulation in the brain.

Basal temperature

Measuring basal temperature, at first glance, may not seem very pleasant way, but it is very effective and can give a lot of useful information to a pregnant woman. The basal temperature can be measured in the vagina of a woman, but modern doctors say that it is better to measure the basal temperature in the rectum.

Also, every woman needs to know what the basal temperature during pregnancy is normal. It can vary in the range from 36.8 to 37.3 degrees, the temperature of 37 degrees is considered normal. If it is significantly lower or higher than these indicators, you should immediately consult a doctor.

A few tips on measuring the basal temperature: it is better to measure it after 5-6 hours of sleep, at about the same time of the day, without getting out of bed. It is better to use an electronic thermometer (which is safer), and not a mercury one. You can also keep a diary measurement of basal temperature, which can be very useful to the doctor.

Indicators of what rectal temperature during pregnancy may be useful in the following cases. Constant measurement of rectal temperature is prescribed to women who have previously had miscarriages. In this case, you should make sure that this temperature does not fall below the set level. Also, too low rectal temperature may indicate a halt in the development of the fetus in the womb.

Increased rectal temperature is an indicator of inflammatory processes in the body of the woman, which are harmful both to the mother and the unborn baby. Also, the long-term effect of the increased temperature of the mother can lead to a negative impact on the formation and development of the child’s central nervous system.

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