What is underwater massage?

Massage is a very useful procedure. There are many types, but one of the most useful and relatively new is an underwater massage. And how is it conducted? And is such a procedure helpful?

What it is?

Underwater massage or hydromassage is a unique procedure that involves exposure to jets of water. The person is immersed in a bath, and the masseur directs a hose onto his body, from which water flows under a rather high pressure. The jets hit the body, but they do not injure the tissue, since their strength is partly extinguished by the water with which the bath is filled.

Distinguish between general massage, in which the impact is on the whole body (except for some zones), as well as local, in which jets are sent only to a specific area.

Salt solutions, essential oils, wine, algae and so on can be added to the water with which the bath is filled. And all these tools also have a positive effect on the body and enhance the effect of the procedure.

What is the effect on the body?

Hydro massage affects in several directions at once:

  • Water relaxes, normalizes the nervous system, relieves tension, eliminates pain in joints and muscles after increased stress.
  • Essential oils have a relaxing effect, nourish and moisturize the skin and also have a regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Sea salt, which is often used during the procedure, removes dead skin cells and normalizes the water balance of the epidermis.
  • The impact of a jet of water significantly speeds up blood circulation and blood supply to the tissues, which leads to the normalization of metabolic processes and to the stimulation of normal tissue regeneration.
  • At high pressure jets begin to break down fat cells, so that the hydromassage is useful for cellulite and weight loss.
  • Hydromassage helps eliminate edema.
  • This procedure will help rejuvenate the skin and improve its condition by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen.
  • Salt and algae contribute to the elimination of toxins and slags from the body.
  • Underwater massage has a tonic and tonic effect.

In what cases will be useful?

Underwater massage has the following indications:

  • decreased immunity, frequent infections;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • varicose veins (early stages);
  • depression, neurosis, apathy, increased nervous excitability, mood swings, sleeping problems and other similar conditions;
  • certain diseases or disorders of the functioning of the nervous system;
  • recent injuries;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system, disruption of its work;
  • muscular system diseases;
  • some diseases of the cardiovascular system, such as hypertension, vascular dystonia;
  • diseases of the digestive tract;
  • flabbiness of the skin, deterioration of its condition;
  • diseases of the lymphatic system
  • overweight;
  • stretch marks, scars;
  • cellulite

Is it harmful?

Underwater massage has some contraindications:

  • diseases of the skin in the acute stage;
  • varicose veins (in the last stages);
  • thrombosis, thrombophlebitis;
  • pregnancy;
  • acute infections;
  • feverish conditions;
  • disorders of cerebral circulation;
  • oncological diseases;
  • cardiovascular diseases: hypertension of III degree, ischemia, myocardial infarction;
  • urolithiasis disease;
  • tuberculosis;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases.

How is the procedure?

How do underwater body massage? The procedure takes place in several stages:

  1. First, the patient is immersed in a bath filled with water (probably with the addition of essential oils or other components). First, for 5-10 minutes, he just lies, relaxes and gets used. Water temperature is about 30-35 degrees.
  2. The next stage is body preparation. In the bath there are special jets, through which are delivered thin trickles. They warm up the body, prepare it for full impact.
  3. Then the massage therapist proceeds directly to the procedure. He uses a special hose. Changing nozzles, you can adjust the direction of the jet and its pressure. The hydromassage technique is about the same as for a conventional manual massage. So, usually the back is treated first, then the upper arm, then the back of the legs, then the front surface of the legs, then the abdomen and chest, and then the arms. The jet should be in the direction from the center of the zone to its edges. There are areas that are not affected, and these include the genitals, the female mammary glands, the head,face as well as the heart area. At first, light stroking is performed, then a more intense effect begins. The water supplied from the hose can have either the same temperature as the water in the bath or be cooler, which makes it possible to enhance the effect due to the contrast effect and temperature difference. Usually, zones with heightened sensitivity (abdomen, inner thighs) are treated with a jet with low pressure (no more than 1-1.5 atmospheres). Pressure on the remaining areas can reach 3-4 atmospheres.

The session lasts an average of 20-60 minutes. To achieve a therapeutic effect, it is recommended to undergo 15-20 procedures. In this case, the massage therapist can gradually increase the pressure of the jet.

Many are interested in how to do a hydromassage at home. A full procedure without special equipment will not be possible. But you can just relax in the bathroom, and then, connecting the hose to the tap, massage the body. Instead of a hose, you can use an ordinary shower, but at the same time the water pressure should be quite strong.

Cost of

The price of one procedure of underwater massage is about 400-700 rubles.


Many who have undergone a course of procedures were satisfied. Underwater massage really perfectly relieves tension and relaxes, normalizes sleep. In addition, some noted a decrease in weight and noticeable improvements in the skin and shape.

Let the underwater massage give beauty and health!

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