What kind of vegetable to eat fried?

Edward Stefchishin
Edward Stefchishin
February 11, 2013
What kind of vegetable to eat fried?

Any mystery question contains the irony to be seen. The answer to the question: what kind of vegetable is eaten fried does not necessarily have to contain a specific answer, such as potatoes or eggplant. The answer can be simple and unpretentious, for example, - fried or just cooked.

The bulk of the answers concerns the names of vegetables, but some of the answers are rich in disarming their humor. Standard answers are a tasty vegetable or any, but if you use a question for a game, you can prepare variants with interesting conclusions, for example:

  • pre-cleaned
  • not burnt
  • pan-fried
  • which can be fried
  • piping hot
  • one that is suitable for snacks

In any case, there are many answers, and one can give an exact answer only by guessing or simply listing all the available options.

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