What kind of pizza do they love in different countries of the world?

Pizza today is one of the most popular dishes in the world. It is appetizing, aromatic and satisfying. A great option for a snack and even dinner with family or friendly gatherings. It is rare when pizzerias can complain to a small number of visitors, and delivery services sometimes even work around the clock. We decided to find out what kind of culinary preferences residents of different countries have, and made our top.

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Historians still have not come to a common opinion about who and when exactly the first pizza was cooked. But for several hundred years this dish is considered Italian. Once it was a flat cake on which was laid the stuffing from meat, vegetables or seafood. Over time, the recipes changed, new ones appeared, and the love for such baking increased more and more.

What is the pizza love in the world? We have made a rating of tastes of 10 countries.


According to the rules, which Italians take very seriously, the dough should be rolled by hand and not be thicker than 2 mm. Favorite stuffing - tomatoes, mozzarella and basil.And in order to make the crunchy base even more delicious, it is watered with olive oil. The main thing here - do not overdo the dish in the oven. Cooking time is strictly regulated - 1-1.5 minutes.


Americans love everything to be very satisfying, because they began to spread meat or bacon on the cake, generously greasing it with tomato sauce. After eating a whole piece, you will immediately feel satiety, because the fillings, according to the culinary preferences of Americans, should be a lot. By the way, traditional Hawaiian chicken and pineapple pizza was also "invented" here.


The Japanese love to eat "urine" - the base, baked from rice flour, smeared with a layer of mashed potatoes and decorated with tomatoes, onions and corn. A more unusual version of the pizza is here - with seafood and cheese. Originality gives it a black cake, the dough for which is prepared with the addition of squid ink.


This country is known for its original look at pizza cooking. For example, you may be offered to try peanut (or peanut butter) stuffing, chicken fillet, bananas, curry and pineapple. Rather courageous experiments.


In order not to invent anything new, Koreans simply bake cakes and spread their traditional dish on them - the pulgogi. It consists of fried pieces of pre-pickled beef with pickled vegetables, mushrooms and cheese.


As it is impossible to imagine Brazil without palm trees, it is just as impossible to imagine a Brazilian pizza without palm stalks. In addition, among the main ingredients are ham, corn, peas and cheese.


Do you know the name Silvio Berlusconi? After the visit of the Italian prime minister to Finland, it became familiar to all residents of the country. And all because the Italian allowed himself to criticize the local cuisine. But the Finns were not offended, but on the contrary - they were inspired to create a personalized pizza, in which they added venison, chanterelles, tomatoes, cheese and red onions.

And, I must admit, this recipe has become incredibly popular.


Get ready to be fat. After all, in Alsace thin dough is generously smeared with sour cream, and from above lay out bacon with a thick layer of bacon and onions. And after baking to a crispy state in a wood-burning stove.


In a country where men wear skirts (actually kilts), they also know the word haggis. But it means they have a dish of sheep offal with onions, oatmeal and spices.It is sometimes used as a filling for all pizzas.


The British are not going to yield to their traditions. Because the usual for all sausages, beans, bacon and eggs, they gladly lay on the base and bake with cheese. It would seem nothing new, but the people of England are proud of their innovation.

How many people, so many tastes. And they can really be completely different in different countries. But still love unites millions of people, and this is the love of delicious food. Bon Appetit!

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