What prevents the appearance of a clown in a dream?

Clowns are designed to entertain people and create a good mood. However, many people are afraid of them, this is one of the common phobias. What can clowns mean in a dream?

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What does the appearance of a clown in a dream mean?

East Dream

The appearance of a clown suggests that someone is seeking to involve you in a dubious enterprise, foreshadowing major losses and annoyances.

Evil clown - do not trust thoughtlessly to all your relatives, some of them have plotted something unkind.

A sad clown in a dream - someone from friends or loved ones doubts you.

Children's dream book

To see a clown in a dream - for happy holidays, well spent time.

Imperial Interpreter

Clown, causing pleasant emotions - very soon you will get rid of the complexes and fears that prevent you from developing and moving forward. You will succeed, you just have to make a little effort.

Angry clown - you are afraid to seem ridiculous. Perhaps you have to do things that are not fun.

Being a clown and getting pleasure from it - you feel like a free and strong person.

Being a clown and being ashamed of it - you have hidden mental problems that require an immediate solution with the help of a specialist.

Family Dream

Clowns in a dream, mimicking you - in front of a long and difficult work. However, you should not be afraid of it, it will bring success and big profits.

To appear as a clown - to major trouble.

Wear a clown outfit - female intrigues are lingering around you.

Modern interpreter

The clown foreshadows frivolous rash communications.

Evil clown - a meeting with a two-faced person.

Sad clown - you are not always taken seriously, this can lead to the fact that the desired relationship does not develop.

You are in the role of a clown - someone wants to humiliate you, and he will succeed soon.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Curling clown - you are seeking to obtain pleasure, which does not comply with moral standards.

Killed clown - it's time you stop grabbing at the illusions and start living in reality.

Clown playing with trained animals - to the early disappointment.

A lone clown is a misunderstanding.

Crying clown - you are shy, do not know how to be natural.

Dream Grishin

The clown says that you are trying to hide your fears from those around you.

Someone hits a clown - you are unhappy with yourself, but you can’t do anything about it.

The clown is crying, but everyone laughs, - the inability to behave in society.

The clown in the arena is one - the inability to convey to others about their thoughts and feelings.

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