What are the professions after grade 9?

Denis Mulchin
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What are the professions after grade 9?

The choice of profession is a responsible matter and cannot always be crowned with success if parents choose a specialty instead of an applicant. First of all, considering which professions after the 9th grade can be chosen, one should evaluate one's interests, and only after that - other characteristics of the specialty. Many people strive to become managers, as this profession is quite profitable, but recently the Russian industry needs first-class masters of such specialties as turner and miller, electrician and carpenter, welder and many other working professions.

Choosing a profession for a young man

As mentioned above, professional welders are now in great demand, both in large enterprises and in small organizations. Today, a lot of small companies are organized to provide services to the public, which provide services for the first customer call.That is, if a client has a leak or an accident that requires welding of pipes and other works, the organization�s specialists come to the site and carry them out. The remuneration of employees of such companies is rather big, as in most cases, clients are wealthy people living outside the city. But, of course, such organizations recruit a staff of reliable and professional specialists. Turners and millers are professionals who work successfully in factories and are paid more than some lawyers. Therefore, young men who graduated from 9 classes can choose such a specialty.

Choosing a profession for a girl

Girls who have completed 9 classes can go to study for a pastry chef and baker, a seamstress and a hairdresser to become first-class stylists in the future. When choosing a profession after grade 9, the list of which is quite impressive, a girl should focus on her abilities. The fact is that at the age of 15 and 16, girls can already show some culinary skills and talent for handicrafts. If a girl has a desire to sew clothes or to design models, then she can easily go to study for a cutter or a seamstress, because from her a first-class master can turn out.Such workers are needed in the studio and in light industry enterprises. In addition, you can do home-based work, even if for some time after graduating from vocational school a girl cannot find a job in her specialty.

Beautiful florist specialty, which is ideal for girls who are to create harmony and beauty. Florists are needed to organize celebrations and to work in a flower shop. In addition, having a diploma in the specialty florist, the girl will be able to open her own business.

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