What should be the food for menopause?

Climax is an inevitable phenomenon for any woman and in most cases is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms in the form of hot flashes, frequent headaches, increased sweating and other, aggravated by mood changes. It is impossible to avoid this stage, but to minimize most of the natural manifestations of the body is real, if you completely revise your lifestyle and diet.

Physical activity, taking certain medications in consultation with a doctor, proper nutrition and a positive attitude are the main components of overcoming menopause with minimal loss to health and emotional state. So, what should be the diet during the menopause?

Main principles

The amount of climacteric symptoms and in which organs and systems of the woman’s body it is possible to avoid negative changes depends on the food products, their quantity and method of preparation.

Here are the basic rules, adhering to which every woman can with dignity and health preserve through this rather difficult life stage:

  • in order to minimize debilitating hot flashes, one should exclude from the menu foods that provoke them - coffee with cocoa and strong tea, fatty and fried foods;
  • to normalize blood pressure and improve the work of the heart and blood vessels, it is necessary to increase the number of fresh berries with fruits in the diet and replace the usual drinks with green tea, infusions of rosehip and hawthorn;
  • for the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract it is recommended to revise the size of the portions, significantly reducing their volume, but increasing the number of receptions of healthy dishes to seven per day;
  • red fish and lean meats in the menu will not only be useful, but also help prevent atherosclerosis;
  • In order not to gain weight during menopause, nutritionists and doctors advise replacing animal fats with vegetable fats, limit salt intake with sugar;
  • “No” - fried dishes, “yes” - steamed and stewed;
  • With the daily intake of decoctions and drinks from plants like valerian, mint with melissa, with a soothing effect, you can get rid of nervous tension and achieve harmony with yourself and the surrounding reality.

Three stages, with the basics of the "menopausal diet"

Climax consists of three stages, each of which is characterized by individual symptoms. Therefore, the nutrition in any of them should be balanced, but differ depending on the manifestations and conditions of the organism that are peculiar to each period. For example:

  1. The first stage is called premenopause and comes a few years before menopause. During it, the level of estrogen is significantly reduced, which leads to irregularity of the menstrual cycle, slower metabolism and, consequently, to a change in mood in the form of frequent irritability, tearfulness, the appearance of hot flashes. During this period, the taste in food can drastically change, and what previously seemed tasteless will be perceived as the most desirable product. Here, many women are trapped in the danger of rapid weight gain, as the metabolism is disturbed, and you want to sweat sweet and harmful to raise your spirits. How to eat right? Do not rule out completely sweet, just use it in a dosage and as little as possible. Refuse fatty foods, preferring products with fiber.Let oatmeal and buckwheat porridge, bran bread, freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices take up most of the diet. Pay attention to cabbage juice with vitamin U, which improves gastric and intestinal secretion, normalizing metabolic processes, preventing the transformation of hydrocarbon excess into fats.
  2. The second stage is menopause, starting from the last menstrual period and before the onset of amenorrhea, after which there should be no natural blood discharge. The ovaries virtually cease to produce hormones, betraying these functions of adipose tissue, as it can produce estrone. The risk of weight gain is not reduced, with a constant increase in body fat in problem areas - at the waist, hips, chin. The advice of specialists at this stage boils down to strict control of the diet, with a minimum of sweets and confectionery in it, and proper eating. For example, it should not be taken in a very hot state, so as not to disturb the gastric and intestinal processes that affect the metabolism in general. It is necessary to add vegetable oils to salads so that vitamins A and E, liposolvent and antioxidants are better absorbed,the choice is recommended to stop at those where polyunsaturated fatty acids are in maximum concentration, which can be found in the accompanying inscription on the packaging of the product - olive, cedar, grape. Passion for spicy food is not welcome, because in excess it is harmful to the gastric mucosa, causing diseases in the form of gastritis or ulcers.
  3. The third stage is called postmenopause, is characterized by the maximum hormonal deficiency and lasts until death, beginning with amenorrhea. What is recommended to eat in this long period? In the presence of funds - an exotic fruit from Thailand durian, rich in estrogen. There is a more budgetary option to support immunity and women's health - onion or garlic with extractives in the composition. Still actual vegetable and fruit food daily, seafood, rich in iodine, phosphorus and calcium a couple of times a week. If you do not care about the pressure, then two cups of coffee will not be superfluous during the day to increase tissue respiration to extend the life cycle at the cellular level. At this time, it is useful to introduce into the diet of soybeans containing phytoestrogen, which is a plant natural analogue of estrogen.According to studies by scientists from different countries, soy is very important for a woman’s body during menopause, due to the possibility of inhibiting the onset of cancer of the female organs, including the breast, ovaries and uterus. For example, among residents of Japan and China, there is a low incidence of oncology due to the consumption of large quantities of soy. Every day it is desirable to eat up to one hundred grams of products from this plant.

The most undesirable components of the diet

We list products that you should not get involved in during menopause, so as not to worsen health and not to provoke chronic diseases and obesity:

Any woman understands that eliminating from the diet will necessarily have something without which life seems impossible. "Correct" menopause is easier tolerated without:

  • white sugar, which can be replaced with cane or honey;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • sausages, canned food, fast food.

Do not forget the axiom of proper nutrition - food intake is made in small doses, but often.

Examples of the optimal menu

All of the above does not mean that you can not eat tasty and varied.The diet of a woman, even with a number of restrictions, must remain balanced, nutritious, healthy and tasty. For clarity, we list the dishes for drawing up the menu during menopause.

Breakfast can consist of:

  • low-fat cottage cheese with fresh fruit or berries;
  • muesli with the addition of yogurt and berries;
  • steam cheesecakes with different berry sauces;
  • rice and vegetable casserole;
  • croutons for which whole grain bread is used.

A delicious lunch is guaranteed if the menu:

Light but hearty dinner with dishes from:

  • baked potatoes with vegetable salad
  • boiled rice with seafood;
  • stewed vegetables with steamed fish;
  • potato casserole with steam poultry cutlets;
  • stuffed cabbage with low-fat gravy.

As noted earlier, the frequency of meals should be increased, which is achieved through snacks. They are light, but very nutritious, and may consist of:

  • from dried fruits,
  • fruit and vegetable smoothies,
  • kefir or fermented baked milk with berries;
  • fruit purees or salads;
  • baked apple with cottage cheese.

Is there life after menopause? Definitely "yes", and no less healthy and happy!

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