What songs are suitable for graduation in kindergarten

What songs are suitable for graduation in kindergartenA graduation party in kindergarten is a significant event not only for children, but also for their parents. It is very important to think carefully and prepare everything. And, of course, you need not to forget about the songs, because it is from them that the children's holiday begins.


The first graduation is always exciting. Ahead of your baby is waiting for school, new discoveries, big victories. In the meantime, you are preparing for your graduation party, try to make it memorable and vivid, because the child says goodbye to the most carefree period in his life.




What songs are suitable for graduation in kindergarten


Songs for graduation in kindergarten are usually selected by the music director. But you can greatly facilitate his task and offer several options:


  • Traditional works, which for several decades are heard in all domestic kindergartens. Such music is timeless, so it's nice to be sad under it.
  • Converted songs of modern artists. Melodies seem to be familiar to everyone, but words can be thought up for a particular garden.Include the names of caregivers, nannies, children, etc.
  • Minus and other musical sounds. They can be suitable for musical performance of the performance or various scenes.
  • Chastooshkas. Where do without these ridiculous quatrains, in which you can laugh at teachers and their students.




With tunes sort of sorted out, now we'll think how to arrange the assembly hall. Here, too, parents can show their ingenuity and do everything on their own. The first thing of course is to buy balloons. From them it is very easy to create compositions and garlands. You can also use the checkboxes and children's drawings. The main thing - show imagination and creativity. In addition to the balls, you can use special decorative stickers on the wall. Very profitable purchase. With their help, you can decorate not only the hall, but also create an appropriate atmosphere.


What songs are suitable for graduation in kindergarten


A more difficult task is the creation of scenery. It is important to indicate in what style the children's holiday will be held and to follow this direction clearly. If a fairytale forest is on the agenda, then we cut out cardboard and paint the trees, you can buy several decorative palm trees, and then donate them to a kindergarten.If you want to play a school room, you will need to get some desks and a blackboard. In general, the options are many, the main thing is to implement them correctly.


Celebration itself


What songs are suitable for graduation in kindergarten


Graduation in the kindergarten will go to cheers, if the children do not get bored. To avoid this, they need to be diligently entertained. To do this, you can invite children's animators, or the parents themselves to get up and prepare some interesting numbers. The drawing on the face is a great success for children. Special artists are invited and using watercolors to paint on children's faces of various little animals and fairy-tale characters.


There is no limit to children's delight. By the way, this can be a great theme for a child's photo shoot. Recently, it is customary to take children to themed cafes and celebrate a holiday there. If the budget allows and all parents agree, you can consider this option. But nothing can replace the walls of the home kindergarten kids. Especially since soon they will leave him forever.


And remember - if you want to organize a quality holiday this will require you a lot of time and effort. But if everything turns out the way you planned, you will have the most valuable thing - memories. First of all, children should be satisfied.But if adults are delighted, then this is really a well-organized holiday.

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