What to do if your passport is lost?

The loss of a passport is a very unpleasant situation, from which, unfortunately, no one is insured. And believe me, this is far from a unique case. If you go to the passport office, you will certainly find at least a couple of people who have come to recover lost or, now, not uncommon, stolen documents.

Life without a passport in modern society is a rather unpleasant thing, because without it, it is difficult to get any information, conduct banking operations, and it’s primitive to prove that you are you, and not some completely different person.

what to do if you lose your passport

At first, after losing a passport, a person may be in a state of shock, he is waiting, and suddenly there are documents, maybe good people will find him and bring him for a fee or his passport will be announced in some lost and found office.

Yes, it may happen, but everything can be worse and you, unwittingly, find yourself in a very unpleasant situation. Fun and fraudsters can use your passport to get a loan with it, there are cases when you received 5 or even 10 credits for one passport, the total amount of which is simply stunning.

Also with the help of a passport draw up fictitious one-day firms, which then become the object of investigation. And, even if, after some time, the passport was returned to you, this does not mean that nothing of the kind has happened to you, and it is very difficult to prove the opposite and your innocence in this matter.

And here you find that your passport is lost, what to do? After all, absolutely do not want to run into such problems, and, as practice shows, if you have a passport, and sell the owner's apartment, engage in illegal activities with it, even there were cases when a lost passport was thrown on the crime scene.

It is clear that if the owner has an iron alibi, it will become clear that the passport was just thrown up, but if there is no alibi? A whole string of trials and problems will start, do you need it? Probably not, the most important problem of our population is ignorance of one's rights and basic laws, so it's better to spend a few minutes of your time, read the information below, it is possible that the knowledge you have gained will often help you out of an unpleasant situation.

Where to apply for theft or loss of a passport?

The very first thing that needs to be done is to concentrate, to remember everything that happened, namely the situation in which the loss of the document occurred. Regardless of whether you lost it because of your own distraction, or maybe it was stolen from you, the first thing to do is contact the district police station.

There, not paying attention to possible attempts to dissuade you from the police, still write a statement about the disappearance of documents under unknown circumstances. Police officers will be obliged to accept and submit your application for review, as well as to register, after which the person who lost the passport is required to issue a ticket stating that they have accepted the application.

After this moment, you protected yourself from all those unpleasant situations that we listed above, because from this moment, it’s not you who are responsible for all this to happen to your document. After that, you can safely wait a few days, because a passport can really be found, it can be returned or thrown up, anything can happen.

After you have declared the document disappeared, its series and number are immediately entered into a special database, after which it completely loses its validity.Banks and all state institutions have access to this special database, so after such a process it is illegal to use or to scam any scam with a lost document.

What is the penalty for losing your passport?

According to the law of Ukraine, every citizen is obliged to keep his document securely, otherwise a deliberately careless storage of a passport, which resulted in its loss, is charged to a citizen of Ukraine in the amount of one to three non-taxable minimum, according to Article 198

Code of Ukraine, at the moment it is from 17 to 51 hryvnia. However, if a criminal case was initiated that testifies to the fact that the document was stolen, then no penalty will be charged. In general, a fine is imposed depending on the social status of the owner of the passport, the level of his financial situation, and also takes into account the circumstances in which the loss of the document occurred.

After what time will the passport be restored?

After you filed a statement about the loss of your passport with the police, and waited several days, in the hope that he would return, you must go to the passport office,where you will also write a statement about the loss of your passport and provide a specific list of documents necessary for the restoration of the document.

passport stolen how to solve a problem

Usually, if everything is normal, and you are in the same city where you lost your passport, then you will be given a new copy of it personally in your hands within a month. If there is a need for additional verification of the loss of the passport, this period may be extended, but not more than for a month. If at this time you need a document that will confirm your identity, then in the passport office you are required to issue a temporary ID, which can be used for one month.

Approximate list of documents in the passport office: a statement about the loss of a passport, certificate of birth, marriage or divorce, two photos of 35 × 45 mm, as well as a receipt for the payment of state duty.

Compliance with all the above instructions will not take you much time, but thanks to them you will be able to avoid many unpleasant situations, and document recovery will be much cheaper than later to pay fraudulent loans, as well as to defend their case in court.

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