What to draw on the nails?

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What to draw on the nails?

Few people are surprised now monotonous nail polish. Painted manicure looks very beautiful, and it is not as difficult to make it as it sometimes seems. If you do not want to give money to the master for art painting, but want to learn how to create masterpieces by yourself, then the article will help you: how to learn to paint on nails.

When you know how to hold a brush in your hands, and special paints are ready for work, imagination begins to be tormented by pictures of what can be painted on the nails. It is worth referring to the latest fashion trends, but do not forget about what occasion you are going to do a manicure.

If you want to make a drawing for everyday life, then simple stripes and wavy patterns, executed in pastel colors, will do. Chinese hieroglyphs on one or several nails are very popular now.

For holidays and celebrations suitable manicure, painted with flowers. They can be anything: roses, lilies, violets, chamomile and others.It is not necessary that the flowers are combined with the color of the dress, it is enough to make them match the dress.

Very relevant drawings in the form of a contour of a black cat. Young people can increasingly see emoticons on their nails depicting various feelings. Teddy bears and Disney cartoon characters are also popular. Of course, everyday manicure can be decorated with simple circles and droplets of varnish.

If you have not yet decided what to paint on your nails to stand out from the crowd, you can draw the first capital letter of your name on one of your fingers. For talented craftsmen, it’s not difficult to paint a whole picture on long beautiful nails: it can be a sunset landscape or the sea coast, a blooming garden or a night sky.

To revive the drawing and make it more interesting and bright, you can use various elements of decor. For example, it is possible to insert rhinestones into the center of a painted flower.

But still the forefront in the art of painting nails is not the question of what is painted, but of how carefully the drawing is made. Even the simplest image, made with high quality, will look very stylish.

As an example, we present you a video tutorial that shows how to draw a strawberry. Very simple and cute! Try it and you do such a "delicious" manicure yourself.

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