What to see in Sochi?

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What to see in Sochi?

If you only know about Sochi that there is a sea there and the Olympics took place, then you should plan in advance what to see in Sochi.

The city has a lot of interesting objects that you should pay attention to. And it can satisfy completely different requests.

What to see in Sochi for nature lovers

  • The first is to visit the yew-boxwood grove. The forest that has survived from preglacial times gives the impression that you were taken to the shooting of the “Jurassic Park”. You can get to the grove by bus number 4 (stop "Khosta-bridge"), from which you need to go a little over a kilometer. From the scenery to the movie about dinosaurs, the trekking trail leads to the White Gardens with a beautiful view of the river.
  • Another interesting route is an observation deck located on the Eagle Rocks. Go to it by bus number 3 to “Old Matsesta”, and then get better with knowledgeable people - the road winds. But from the platform you can see mountains and waterfalls, and Prometheus rock is nearby.
  • People that want to see in Sochi as much as possible interesting, should visit the Sochi arboretum, the valley of 33 waterfalls and caves - Akhshtyrskaya and Vorontsovskiy.One should not lose sight of the Southern Cultures Park, where plants from Japan, Africa, South America and China are collected.

For those who rest with children

Children are energetic people in need of movement. From some informative, albeit fascinating excursions, they quickly get tired. And the interests of children are different from what is curious adults. Therefore, making a plan for what to see in Sochi, insert childish entertainment into it. For example, the Riviera Park - it will be interesting for an adult rose garden, the Green Theater and the Polana Friendship, and for children - attractions, the aquarium and the dolphinarium.

Non-awkward vacationers can take their descendants to the water park “Amfibius” in the resort town or “Starfish” in the resort village Lazarevskoe.It is also interesting to go to the village Gumariya, where the monkey nursery is located. And with older children, visit the novelty of Sochi - the high-rise adventure park SKYPARK AJ HACKETT SOCHI.

You can combine business with pleasure in a biosphere reserve. In addition to an informative tour for tourists, a rope road was laid there, the so-called “Tarzan path”. Children under the age of 12 are allowed to walk on it only with adults, but they receive an enormous amount of sharp and pleasant impressions.

Little lovers of circus art with great pleasure go to the Sochi circus, which is considered one of the best throughout Russia. In the evening, you can go with your whole family to the Platanovaya Alley - it passes near the Naval Station. Glowing and singing fountains in the southern night make an indelible impression on everyone, regardless of age.

Sports fans

That's just sports fans have something to see in Sochi! And quite a lot. First of all, it is probably worth visiting the “House of Victors” - the Olympic Village in the mountains. The second point will be the Olympic Park with the “Fisht” stadium, famous for opening and closing games.

There is also a winter sports center for Iceberg, Adler-Arena for skaters and the Ice Cube curling center. and for lovers of sports history, the Museum of Sports Glory of Sochi, which is located in the very center of the city, next to the administration building will be interesting.

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