What to see on the New Year with a child, friends, family?

The New Year is a special holiday, about the existence of which every person on the planet probably knows. Regardless of gender, age or religion, you do not care, can somehow peculiar, but celebrate this day with a special action.

Someone goes skiing, someone, on the contrary, wants to fly to rest in warm countries, someone gathers at a home festive table and eats tasty dishes with great activity, washing down with champagne.

But, one way or another, there comes a time when the whole family gathers together, free evening is formed and, on the wave of the New Year's atmosphere, I want to immerse myself in watching good, festive films and TV shows.

Films and cartoons will create an atmosphere

A good mood for the holidays is a guarantee that the celebration will be held perfectly, and that, as not a good and life-affirming film, can correct even the most sad thoughts.

By the way, it's been proved for a long time that laughter and a positive state of mind prolong life, and when on the threshold there is also such a magical and having a holiday, it is always easier to tune in to the right wave.Of course, when you turn on the TV in search of what it means to take a look, you do not always have the right movies or TV shows, because everyone has different tastes, and television tries to adapt to any consumer.

If you are tired of watching the annual "Irony of Fate" or a concert with popular pop stars on the TV, the Internet and its vast array of options can always come to the rescue, what to look for in the New Year 2014.

Among the considerable diversity, it is very difficult to choose exactly the option that will be of interest to all family members or, if you are not at home, then the whole company of friends.

Classics of the genre

In order not to have to suffer for a long time with the choice of the next kinushki, we want to offer you our own list of non-local and very interesting films that will not leave indifferent any, even the most inveterate, film critic.

In addition, most of them can easily be watched with children and adults, because they teach good, talk about positive moments of life, and also smart humor raise the mood. Of course, most of the New Year's Eve are well comedies and cartoons for little ones, because such movies do not burden, do not make you tense and tense into the course of events, as it happens in thrillers or action films.

It is very important that on such a bright holiday, as well as throughout the following week, an upbeat, cheerful and cheerful mood be preserved, because, as the saying goes, “you will meet the new year, so spend it.”

Old movies about New Year

Of course, it is much easier for Russian people to immerse themselves in the mentality of domestic films, but why not expand their horizons? Pay your attention to the film “This wonderful life”, released on screens in the distant 1946 by director Frank Capra.

The film tells the story of the bankrupt owner of a credit company, who is so depressed by his problems at work that even a lovely wife and loving children cease to be the meaning for his continued existence. Always a kind and sympathetic man decides to commit suicide.

But somewhere above, in heaven, they understand that he cannot refuse such a wonderful gift of life, and they send him a real guardian angel to help him. How this story ends, you will see for yourself, but it’s interesting that in terms of its popularity in America “This wonderful life” can be compared to the “Irony of Fate” known to us.

The main good mood

This beautiful family film has already sang to become a classic of American cinema, and if you carefully watched Home Alone, another classic Christmas movie, you might have noticed one interesting fact.

When the family arrives in France for Christmas and turns on the TV in the hotel, its members grin ironically with what is not saying “This wonderful life,” which means that we are definitely not in America. This tape became the founding film of all subsequent films of this kind. By the way, "Alone at home" 1 and 2 parts are also an excellent option for New Year's viewing by the whole family or a company of close friends. Kind, a little fabulous and naive, but at the same time, very cheerful and dear film will always be able to cheer up and tune in to the holiday wave.

Perhaps Christmas and New Year are simply unthinkable without such a film, as without a bowl of Russian salad. Also a good option can be such famous films as "Fanny and Alexander", "Carnival Night", which is also a well-deserved classic.

For those who do not like too much to revise the classics, it is better to pay attention to the best New Year's films,cartoons and programs of the last decade, because they, as well as possible, describe the present, are close and understandable in our entire consciousness.

This is our childhood

Recently, the film industry has been stamping films and cartoons one after another, but it’s always difficult to choose something really interesting. We tried to put in the separate list the most colorful, ideological and relevant for festive views, motion pictures. So, let's begin.

Best New Year Movies

  • “Holiday Exchange.” Wonderful American Christmas comedy, with something slightly reminiscent of "The Irony of Fate." He has an excellent cast, wonderful direction and a pleasant, festive, plot. But if you have already looked at such a picture, then you can easily replace it with the next option.
  • "Orphan of Kazan". The story tells about the main character, who on the eve of the New Year's holiday, decides to find his father without fail. Unfortunately, in her life it turned out that she never saw her father in her life, and, having given an advertisement in a newspaper, she faced three people who wanted to see her daughter. Native mentality, as well as the company of good actors will not let you get bored during the film.
  • "Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath! - 2 ". Those who are very fond of the first part, but are already fed up with the same faces, may like the second part is already loved by many pictures. The best domestic actors of our time, as well as familiar faces from the first part, will easily help the older generation to fall into a state of sweet bliss and nostalgia, and the youngest one will see your favorite motion picture through the eyes of modernity. Like it or not, the story is the same, but the picture is already completely different.

What to look at the New Year for children?

Cartoons are a great opportunity, together with your children, to temporarily turn off all problems and emotions, plunging into exciting stories of magic, fairy tales and courage of the main characters, which always end with a happy ending.

  • Mickey's Magical Christmas (1999);
  • The Secret Service of Santa Claus (2011);
  • “Christmas Madagascar” (2009);
  • Polar Express (2004);
  • "Beauty and the Beast: A Miraculous Christmas" (1997);
  • “The Disciple of Santa” (2010);
  • "Ice Age: The Giant Christmas" (2011).

We hope that among the listed films and cartoons, you can choose what you like and, perhaps, among them you will find your favorite New Year's film.

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