What to write in SMS?

SMS, which means “short text message” in English, has long been one of the most common means of communication. It would seem that sms is just a small message, but how difficult it is sometimes to clearly and clearly express your thoughts and even feelings with just a few words or sentences. Let's talk about what to write in SMS.

SMS writing rules

Perhaps you yourself understand that the culture and development of a person is largely manifested through the way he says, sms are no exception. So:

  • If you are sending an SMS for the first time to a person, it is important to introduce yourself, since it is almost impossible to guess by just one phrase who its author is. In general, SMS should be sent only to those subscribers with whom you are already familiar.
  • Remember that the rules of the Russian language has not been canceled for SMS. In order to avoid incidents and misunderstandings, it is important to correctly place punctuation marks, to monitor the correctness of the selected words. The purpose of sms is not only to convey information, but also to make it so that the person understands you.
  • If you abbreviate words, do it so that the other person understands what you want to say. SMS should not be a secret cipher, over which the recipient will wrestle. All abbreviations and abbreviations should be clear. For example, some remove the vowels from the words, which makes the text quite readable. So, thanks, you can cut it down to ATP, and please, pzhl or pliz. In addition, there are many well-known abbreviations that came from the Internet, for example, for now - bb, you - ty. If you have decided to use such abbreviations in SMS, you need to be sure that the other person will understand you. The same applies to smiles. Use only well-known, such as J, L,;), etc.
  • And finally, if the SMS is sent on business, then it is important to consider the time of dispatch. So, you do not need to send a message with a reminder or wish good night at the very morning.

What can be written in the SMS, depends only on your imagination, as well as on whom it is intended. Probably, you will agree that a text message for a loved one will be significantly different from the message to a colleague at work or general mailing. Let's specifically consider what to write in SMS, in this or that case.

What to write a girl in SMS

Many young people prefer SMS to call for some reason.And what is the reason to write a girl so that she likes it, they know far from everything. So, here are some tips.

Contact the girl by name. Psychologists have shown that when a person hears his name, the concentration of attention increases significantly. Yes, and always nice when they turn to us. You can use various forms of the name, most importantly, choose those that are pleasant to the girl. If you are not well acquainted with the girl, then you should not turn to her very gently. This will only discourage any interest.

Even if you want to show off your eloquence, you should not write a long message. SMS should be extremely short and clear. If you want to say a lot, it is better to write a few SMS at some intervals, make the girl wait and worry.

Think carefully about the content. Sms should be interesting for the girl. There is no need to write banal phrases like: “Hi. How are you? ”, Or“ Let's chat. ” Suddenly surprise her. By the way, it's nice to give a compliment or joke.

Remember that all important words should be said looking into your eyes. Therefore you should not write “I love you”, “how I like you”.

Be creative.Use all your imagination in order to write SMS, also do not need to use SMS samples from the Internet. SMS should reflect your character, express your thoughts. Therefore, it is not necessary to use someone's ideas, such as: “you know what these people say behind your back? - cool ass.

What to write a man in SMS

SMS is a great way to remind a guy about yourself, about your feelings. Remember that not only girls love with their ears, men are also very, very susceptible to the influence of words. Therefore, apply all your charm in every SMS offer.

You need to start with the treatment. It is advisable to choose the form of his name that he likes. Use the words that you call it. Let it be for you a panda, a cat, etc. Such appeals will only make him smile. Remember that any gentle and tender words are pleasant for a man. Therefore, even such a text message as “I kiss you” will be pleasant to your beloved. What can I write? SMS guy? Yes whatever! If only it was informative and pleasant to the recipient.

For many girls is a difficult question, what to write a loved one in SMS. Write about what you feel or want to say.By the way, the SMS format allows you to fool around a bit. For example, the phrase “my chest still remembers your touch,” will definitely delight him. Excellent emphasize its dignity. Remind him how handsome he is or how well he picked up his tie today. SMS is important when it contains feedback. Therefore, after the evening, emphasize all that you like.

So, now you know what you can write in SMS to a guy or girl. Remember, a few words that a person reads from the screen of a phone can make a great mood change. Be sincere.

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