Where and how to get a medical policy for a child?

Where and how to get a medical policy for a childThe name of the document speaks for itself. Health insurance is a compulsory procedure for citizens living in the Russian Federation. When a baby is born for parents, the question of how to get a medical policy for a child for qualified medical care in the future becomes acute. In the first three months of life, the state undertakes to provide free medical care. It is assumed that parents will issue an OMS policy during this time. The policy is prepared within 30 business days, so do not hesitate.
Where and how to get a medical policy for a child

What documents are needed for the policy to the newborn?

A child’s insurance is insured from the day of his birth by an insurance medical organization in which legal representatives are insured. First of all, you need to decide on the insurance company and contact your nearest representative office. This can be any insurers who work in the region.It will be appropriate to find out in advance with which companies the polyclinic in which you want to serve the baby cooperates. This information can be clarified in the medical institution itself, or by calling the Federal Medical Information Service.
Get such insurance can citizens of Russia, refugees, as well as foreigners temporarily residing in our country.
To apply for a policy, you will need the following documents:

  • baby's birth certificate;
  • ID of the legal representative (passport or other identity document);
  • SNILS child (if available).

If the insurance is issued by other relatives, in addition are:

  • identity document;
  • power of attorney for registration (notarized) as an insured person.

Some insurance companies need to provide a single housing document. It can be obtained in the accounting department of the Unified Information and Settlement Center. Or an extract from the house book, which can be obtained in the housing office at the place of residence.
Where and how to get a medical policy for a child
The policy can last several weeks.During this period, a temporary insurance document is issued, which acts in the same way as the official - one calendar month.
The legislation provides for an independent choice of a doctor. To do this, apply to the head of the medical organization with the indication of data.
Where and how to get a medical policy for a child

Why make an OMS policy?

For high-quality and comfortable medical care, the OMS policy is a must. This document is valid throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and, upon presenting it, you can always get free medical care and not only. The insurance company that issued the policy undertakes to provide other possible support.
For example, if the insured person has complaints about the quality of care provided by the medical staff; it is impossible to get an appointment or an examination, or else they refuse to receive free treatment. There is a directory of tariffs for the CHI system, which details all the procedures that must be paid for by the insurance company.
Having a policy on the child, you will feel a lot of advantages. All necessary medical procedures (examinations, consultations, vaccinations, etc.) your child will receive absolutely free.If necessary, you can always call a doctor at home. Also, you will always be reminded of the mandatory advice, even if you forget. It is important to remember that the prescribed free medicines or baby food can be obtained only in the clinic assigned to your child or with an absentee ballot from her.
On the territory of the Russian Federation without the presentation of any documents, only emergency medical care is provided. Having received the policy on the child, you thereby secure it in case of unforeseen life situations. The document is valid indefinitely, and its replacement is carried out only in case of changes in personal data.

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