Where do snot come from?

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Where do snot come from?

A cold, as you know, can overtake a person both in winter and in summer. In most people, it is accompanied by a symptom like snot. What is it and where do snot come from?

Snot: what is it

We turn for explanations to medical sources. Doctors explain that the snot is a kind of mucus, which is taken from the respiratory system, mucus is produced directly in the nasal cavity. It turns out that the snot is taken in the nose directly from the nasal cavity, and not from the throat or brain, as suggested by small children.

We want to warn and refute another myth that snot is something very harmful. Of course, it is unpleasant when snot is flowing, but we are to blame for missing our health and catching a cold. And our body is trying to protect itself as best as possible, therefore it produces snot. Snot need a person in order to avoid dehydration of the respiratory tract and lungs. Another evidence in favor of the fact that the snot does not represent anything harmful, is the composition of the snot.They contain water, salt, cells, protein. Consider the proteins in the snot. Mucin is able to absorb a lot of moisture, that is, the snot becomes thick. Other proteins protect the lungs and respiratory tract from viruses and bacteria.

And now, who cares, let's see where the snot in the nose come from, in more detail. In the nasal cavity there are mucous membranes, they also produce such mucus as snot. The volume of snot is obtained by the same mucin protein, which we wrote about above. Just imagine, interacting with moisture, mucin can increase snot 600 times! That is why with a cold there is so much snot. Now remember, when you cry, you have snot, even if you are healthy ... The fact is that tears get in the nose, that is, they form moisture there.

Only in a healthy person per day, as a rule, from 20 to 70 ml of snot is produced, what can we say is sick. And when a person starts to hurt, the mucine is automatically produced more to protect the body from viruses.

How to get rid of snot

  1. Shooting is the surest way to get rid of snot or at least reduce their number. Someone shy, and someone just got used to breathe through the mouth.But believe, vymarkivayas, you gradually reduce the number of snot.
  2. The nozzles will come out easier if you use a humidifier, that is, to make the air humidity above normal.
  3. Well, of course, the drugs used by a huge number of people are decongestants and antihistamines.

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