Which player reads avi format

Today, many users of personal computers, especially beginners, may encounter a problem - the media player does not play the file in the .avi format. The file format itself is quite common, but in order for the software installed on the computer to play it, special codecs are needed. Thanks to the codecs installed on the computer, it becomes possible to play certain audio and video formats. In order to solve a pressing problem, you can install such codecs or use a player that installs them automatically.

K-lite Codec Pack

If you have a modern player installed on your computer, then you only need to update the codecs. In order to do this, you can download the K-lite Codec Pack. K-lite Codec Pack - is a player and a universal set of codecs of various audio and video formats in one person. Each user can install codecs automatically.choosing one of the presented options: Basic, Standart, Full and Mega. The first option contains the minimum number of codecs. The second is a bit more. Full version contains the most popular codecs (most). Mega - includes everything. Advanced users can easily install exactly what they need. You can do this just before the installation process by ticking the necessary audio and video formats, which this player will then play (including the avi format).


In addition to the player K-lite Codec Pack, there is another, equally popular and popular player - KMPlayer. This software contains many useful features. With this player, the user can easily play video and audio recordings of most of the most popular formats: avi, dvd, mkv, 3gp, mpeg, wmv, etc. The main advantages of this player are the flexibility of settings, as well as a sufficiently large number of embedded codecs. Unlike the K-lite Codec Pack, KMPlayer installs codecs automatically, regardless of the user. Thus, it turns out that this player is best suited for novice users.
Based on KMPlayer, another one was created - Daum PotPlater. This option has all the same advantages as KMPlayer. It has a similar interface, almost the same settings, but its difference lies in the fact that it installs more codecs.

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