Which stone is suitable for Libra?

Ekaterina Chabanyuk
Ekaterina Chabanyuk
July 25, 2012
Which stone is suitable for Libra?

Under the sign of the zodiac Libra people are born from September 23rd to October 23rd. They are patronized by the planet of love - Venus, therefore such people are very charming and romantic, it is easy and pleasant to communicate with them. At the same time, Libra is very unstable and sometimes frivolous. Their element - Air, color - blue and sea waves. And which stone is suitable for Libra?

Scales mascots of Libra: lapis lazuli, amethyst and opal.

Lapis lazuli

Beautiful mineral blue, bluish-gray or purple. In ancient times, this stone was considered a symbol of sincerity, and in the East lapis lazuli was called the “stone of heaven”. Thus, the stone fits Libra both in color and in the heavenly element. Lapis lazuli helps Libra cope with such a character trait as changeability, as well as to overcome anxiety.


It is a stone of air, light and changeable, like Libra. Amethyst color - from lilac to dark purple. It has a beneficial effect on the development of intuition and self-improvement, which is inherent in this zodiac sign. Amethyst is a stone of spirituality.At all times, it was believed that he protects its owner from failures and calms the nerves. There is also a belief that amethyst can cause love to the one who presents it as a gift.


If you are not sure which stone is suitable for the scale, choose opal. He looks like a frozen drop of water and wonderfully iridescent rainbow shine. It is considered a talisman of happiness and love. Opal sharpens intuition and contributes to the inspiration so necessary for Libra.

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