Who is that much? INNOPROM-2015

From July 8 to July 11, the main industrial exhibition of the country, Innoprom-2015, was held for the sixth time in Yekaterinburg. The event was attended by representatives of 600 companies from 70 countries and 59 regions of Russia. They demonstrated high-tech developments of their own production in the field of industry, engineering, construction, medicine, education and communications. Over four days, Innoprom was visited by about 100 thousand people - 30% more than last year. The total area of ​​the exhibition was 50 thousand square meters. In total, more than 150 events took place at Innoprom: presentations, round tables, and press conferences.

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The strategic partner of the event was China. The 123 largest Chinese companies, among them the China State Atomic Corporation and the China Aerospace Scientific and Industrial Corporation, located on 7,500 square meters to present their developments.The head of the RF Government Dmitry Medvedev took an active part in the exhibition. He personally handed the prestigious national industrial award "Industry" to the leaders of five companies who have seriously succeeded in the development of laser technology, the creation of automated control systems and high-speed data transmission. The Prime Minister noted that Innoprom 2015 is an excellent opportunity to support and strengthen cooperation between Russia and China.

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The first step has been taken: the Chinese company UniStrong presented at the exhibition tablets, computers and phones designed specifically for special services. Soon the products will appear on the Russian market. China also surprised visitors to the exhibition project "Space Silk Road." Its meaning is to organize 49 small-sized mobile communication satellites in low orbit, and on Earth to create a whole network of receiving stations. Through the interface, the Chinese offer to connect mobile communications and signal from the satellite. This will reduce the cost of mobile communication at times.

Dmitry Medvedev also got acquainted with all the domestic know-how. The pride of the United Instrument-Making Corporation (DIC) is Brain Computer.This neural interface, perhaps, can be called a breakthrough in the field of medicine, namely, prosthetics and rehabilitation of disabled people. Due to the unique development in the near future, a person will be able to control robotic prostheses only with the power of thought. Already in 2016, it is planned to launch the mass production of the wonderful neural interface.

Guests of the exhibition presented interesting developments in the field of engineering. Separate attention deserves an ultramodern bulldozer with a completely unexpected coloring - bright-green. This machine is the result of cooperation between the corporation "Uralvagonzavod" and the largest Chinese engineering holding Shandong Heavy Industry Group. The weight of the bulldozer - 19.92 kg, engine power - 163 horsepower.

The exhibition could see the public transport of the future. Tram "Vityaz" and trolley "Admiral". Spacious lounges with surveillance cameras, LCD monitors, satellite system and WiFi. A sight for sore eyes. Moscow has already had time to get used to more or less comfortable public transport, but in regions where, as a rule, the bus depot has not been updated for the last 20 years,The new Vityaz and Admiral seem to be a miracle. By the way, these trams and trolleybuses were going to Tver. There are practically no foreign components here. Nicely!

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Another novelty is the turboprop aircraft L410 NG for $ 5 million. It is intended for regional transportation. The plane is small, but easily overcomes a distance of more than 2500 km. It develops a speed of 450 km per hour.

Chinese partners presented to the public the models of modern electric trains. Spacious comfortable cars with all amenities. The maximum speed is 250 km per hour. The Chinese Shipbuilding Corporation has demonstrated tankers, ships and submarines that can sink to a depth of 7000 meters.

The public interest was aroused by an exhibition dedicated to the development of large cities. Chinese space research and industrial corporation CASIC has demonstrated an ultra-modern satellite communications system. Viewers also remember the "Tuchka-charging." A special mobile phone charger in the future will be able to work in public places. At the airport of Yekaterinburg "Koltsovo" it will be installed in the near future.

At the exhibition, Prime Minister Medvedev paid special attention to the problem of import substitution.According to him, Russia needs to create its own products, which could compete not only among domestic producers, but also on the world market. Already approved programs for 20 branches of the civil industry. About two thousand new projects will be implemented. The Prime Minister also noted that the total replacement of all imports is impossible, but Russia needs to develop its industrial potential and reach a new level.

It is known that in the first two days at the exhibition Innoprom-2015 30 agreements were signed worth 10 billion rubles. For comparison, last year, according to the results of the event, only 19 agreements were signed for 6 billion rubles. So much for the iron curtain!

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