Why are you not married yet?

Male factor

The men supported the idea of ​​a test drive with a wolf pack in unison: let's prove that you really deserve to get married. As a result, all carriers of the U-chromosome received an unrealistic life bonus in the form of passport freedom and total home care: shirts hung hanging in order, dumplings boil in a saucepan, and even the debt is received unlimited in advance. At the same time, the young ladies plow on an exclusive credit of trust, which is a treadmill with a wedding ring suspended on a rope in front of the nose. But when this gift on the ring finger will be hoisted (and whether it will be) - in fact, the man will decide.

Why are you not married yet?

It is still good if a man, fitting into the laws of cohabitation, automatically takes on most of the financial responsibility for the family. But after all, most often the convenience of the stronger sex is also in the additional monetary benefit - the boiler is common and spending in half. And women today are so severely educated by society that they consider themselves potentially obliged to join the general expenses, at least for housing, food, so as not to be reputed as a mercantile woman.

Waiting hall

Worse than family duties, issued to a man in advance, there can only be an emotional state of a young lady who “worked” a long time ago and everything she could, proved, but never received a salary.

This humiliating wait for follow-up from a man is usually accompanied by a forced excuse before asking questions.

Then suddenly it turns out that she herself and is not in a hurry to marry, and she does not need it at all, and in general she is far from these silly stereotypes of the times of dinosaurs. And in my heart thirty-three cats tear their hearts to shreds, a friend who received an offer after a year of relationship causes undisguised envy, and tears, and all thoughts flow mysteriously only to the theme of the wedding, around which the world is now spinning. And this stump also in the personal data leaves a label: "Not married"!

The apogee of this whole story becomes a tortured sentence, squeezed out by hysterics, shouts, tears, after a million arguments, why it is time - and the point. All this deplorable business can be seasoned with care ultimatums or a sharp and forced desire to get pregnant, if only to finally provoke a comrade to constructive actions.In any case, an exciting moment, imitating scenes from a Hollywood melodrama, where he goes down on one knee and in a trembling voice makes an offer, a young lady with impressive experience of cohabitation can not be seen. We'll have to reluctantly agree "on what they give."

Why are you not married yet?

But there are the most ordinary, but at the same time effective tactics of female behavior, which comrade straight leads to the open door of the department of registration of civil states, and not roundabout ways with the presence of dead ends.

Be uncomfortable for him

An inconvenient woman is the same pink-marshmallow person who provokes the stronger sex to exploits in the candy-bouquet period. Such young ladies are not afraid to let a man down, but they know for sure that the worthy man will not miss his own, which is why we need extra initiative moves in his direction. An inconvenient girl creates situations where a man has to sweat and think about what and how to do to spend more time with her. She needs to call a taxi to take her home, because she doesn’t like to stay at night often, and at the same time the caring partner will have to constantly help her — take-bring, come with medications, if she feels unwell, accompany after work, and then shove to yourself.Constant combat readiness in the course of just one such year in no time creates a need for men not only in family comfort, but also in everyday life. When a man realizes that the only way to "calm her down" is to marry, he must marry!

Solve financial issues weddings on the beach

Cohabitation is still terrible because you start not only to live as a family, but to think in the future also in a family way. As a result, even for a year of good and sweet relations in the common territory, you will traditionally create family priorities. And this means that huge expenses for wedding crap will move from the first to at least the fifth item in the list of common needs, because the family has no right to squander when it is better to expand living space, and one wedding day, for a minute, is a quarter of the installment! Therefore it is necessary to jam any girls of the hottie with rational male arguments - sign for a quick and modest ceremony. But if you are dreaming of a wedding, a white dress, which should cost you hoo, then the only way to make your childhood dream come true without oops and sighs is to get married before the emergence of family and domestic needs.

Why are you not married yet?

Do not test life

This is perhaps the main and generalizing rule of all those who wish to officially enter into a family connection. You can spend your weekends together, go on vacation under the green palm trees, even cook delicious dinners, but only together - without men's arguments that put pressure on your gender “unconditional duties”. Unconditional these duties should become exclusively after obtaining a certificate of their necessary performance. “Learning” can be prepared even after the wedding, so let the breadwinner and the breadwinner decide the issue of food in a less economical way, such as going to a restaurant or ordering food at home. Then a surprise in the form of the most delicious meatballs in the world, which you, it turns out, can do, will be an excellent wedding gift for him.

A truly loving man, who has realized everything for himself, will take this step quickly and with pleasure, if the woman herself does not put sticks in his wheels, presenting everything on a silver platter. But a friend who is just used to comfort, terribly afraid to part with his bachelorhood status, on the contrary, in all ways will start to incline the young lady and to material "equality" - to divide all expenses in half or even have different budgets,and to the division of domestic work (read: put the cleaning-up on the fragile shoulders of the companion), and if she protests, then she will quickly give away and find herself more compliant. So why do you then have to lose so many years of life, in the end, all the same, be disappointed and start all over again?

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