Why do men start new relationships without breaking old ones?

The first, abandoned wife, from whom D. lived for 15 years and went through fire and water, now does not let him on the threshold, and he tells everyone that he only loved her all his life, and this is what the devil misled. Only D. remained, who after this story can still be called a complete moron, without an apartment and work, and his conscience does not allow him to exchange joint living space with his wife, and now he lives on rent, interrupting part-time work.

But this is actually a trivial thing, it happens all the time, and some women then forgive their stupid men and meet old age together.

Why do men start new relationships without breaking old ones?

The main thing in this is different: almost all his friends said that he made a mistake not when he started a mistress, but when he decided to divorce his wife right away. And the remark “First complete the old, and then start a new relationship” for men is not suitable. Only women should do this, and the strong half have another motto: “Walk from one skirt as much as you like, only with the mind: first decide whether it is love or falling in love, and then make a conscious decision.”

It turns out that the opposite sex is so simple. And the fact that, as long as it will be determined - this love or love, with its parties and chasms will tear the soul of the wife into tatters, does not bother them at all. It is women who mostly leave their husbands to nowhere, really closing the door, and it is more convenient for men to look for new options while being married. I, of course, do not talk about those who just walk recklessly with the one purpose of friendship bodies. In general, according to my observations, for most men new relationships begin in old ones. And to understand that your partner has a mistress, there are a few simple tips:

  • Phone

If your man, as soon as they call him, goes to another room, constantly puts the phone on the “vibro” mode or keeps it only at his place, some Kohl-garage or Yura-flowers with a female voice will definitely start there.

  • Lingerie and clothing

When he chooses for a long time what to wear, and his underwear is always the most beautiful and new, and the clothes are thought out to the smallest detail, then something is amiss.

  • Social networks

If a man put passwords on the social network or even on his computer, and before that you had free access to them, you should strain yourself, perhaps the online novel has already flourished.

Why do men start new relationships without breaking old ones?

If you still know about a mistress, then do not rush to destroy your family.It must be remembered that, by nature, men are loving. And, despite his animal instinct, even if the man went to his mistress, in 90% of cases, revelers return to the family. And here you can come off in full and remember everything, as in that poem:

Beaver came running home: "Beaver, open the door for me!"

And that answer: “I will not unlock! Go to your Fox in the hole! "

What to do? He's going to the fox's yard! Came And there - another Beaver!

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