Why do women’s heels crack?

Beautiful and well-groomed legs - the pride of any woman. To achieve this result, it is necessary to pay attention to all the components of a whole and healthy image. Soft and pink heels on the feet - one of these unobtrusive, but important components.

Unfortunately, over time the skin on the soles begins to become dry, crack on the heels and fingers. And, probably, more than once you wondered “Why are your heels cracking?”, Because you had such delicate skin on your feet before.

Causes of Dryness

Naturally, before starting the treatment of the skin of the feet, it is necessary to determine the causes of why the skin cracks on the heels.

  • If it is summer in the yard, you often visit the beach, where you walk barefoot on sand and stones, put your feet in constant contact with sea water, wear sandals that are not too comfortable, then the reasons for the deterioration of the skin on your heels are completely understandable and do not require special intervention. At the end of the beach season, everything should return to normal.
  • Avitaminosis. It happens that the body is critically lacking vitamins.This factor can manifest itself in different ways, one of them is dryness and cracking of the skin of the heels. Usually the body does not have enough vitamin A and E, they are responsible for the normal functioning of the body.
  • On the inner side of the foot there are no sebaceous glands and hairs, but then there are a large number of sweat glands. But it happens that sweat is not enough, and the skin begins to dry and crack. This may be due to a decrease in blood circulation, malnutrition of individual tissues.
  • Fungal diseases. If you visit public showers, a swimming pool or other such places, then you can easily pick up such an unpleasant disease.
  • After the skin has become dry and has begun to crack, if you do not start treating the problem, you can proceed to the next state - thick and dense horny layers on the feet. In more severe cases, dry and keratinous heels can also bleed, bring terrible pain and permanent discomfort when wearing shoes.
  • If the reason why you have cracked skin on your heels, turned out to be any disease (vitamin deficiency, fungal infections, vitamin oversupply, etc.), then you should proceed to its treatment.After you are done with this, you can immediately see the result on your heels. If you try to just heal the cracks without solving the problem, then this unpleasant state will return to you again and again.

How to help yourself?

First of all, you will need to visit a dermatologist. He, if necessary, will give you a test and a special treatment. After your skin is free from fungal infections, if there are any, you can proceed to the following points.

Next, you need to reorganize your meal plan. Add to the daily menu of fruits and vegetables, berries and fresh juices. In no case should we forget that every day you need to use 1.5-2 liters of water to avoid dry skin. Water not only moisturizes the skin, but also participates in the metabolism of the body as a whole. Do not forget that soups, broths, juices and teas are not included in this norm.

In order to stop wondering why heels are dry and cracked, you need to train yourself to visit a specialist who will make you a professional pedicure once a month. With the help of a special machine,the master can easily remove the upper rough and cracked skin layer. Visiting a professional master is especially important in the summer season.

Caring at home

  1. Your legs will be very grateful if you are not lazy to make them contrast baths. This procedure is especially useful after a hard day's work. The principle is simple - type two coxae, one with hot water (37-40 °), the other with cold water (17-20 °).
  2. Alternately lower your legs in one bath, then in another, in each you need to hold your feet for 2-3 minutes. This procedure helps to improve blood circulation and relieve fatigue.
  3. Another effective way is soda-soap tubs. In 2 liters of warm water dissolve a tablespoon of soda and half a teaspoon of mineral soap. In such a bath, hold your feet for 10 minutes, then wipe them with a soft towel and apply a greasy cream. After that, it is advisable to lie down until the cream is completely absorbed.

Folk remedies

A very effective tool when cracking the heels of the feet, is a decoction of potatoes or baths with potato starch. In it it is necessary to soar your legs before going to bed for 5-7 days.

You can fight dryness and cracks with trays, which will contain decoctions of various herbs - calendula, St. John's wort, thyme, lime blossom, chamomile and others. Also useful extracts of oak bark and needles. The duration of such baths should not exceed 5-7 minutes, with an especially sweating surface of the foot, three minutes will suffice.

Massage and exercise

For the prevention and treatment of dry and cracked skin of the feet, constant heel massages will not be superfluous. It will be enough, taking a shower, to wash your feet with soap and washcloth, after which you rub them with pumice stone and a stiff foot brush. It improves blood circulation in the feet and the whole body.

  • It will be useful after such a massage, to do a couple of simple exercises for the feet.
  • Rounds with socks on the heels.
  • Ascent to the toes, lifting on the heels.
  • With your toes, we lift small items from the floor.
  • The toes are compressed and unclenched.

Each exercise is done only 8-10 times, which proves the absence of the need to spend a large amount of time on massage and exercise.

In order to never again ask the question “Why are heels drying and cracking?”, It is necessary to follow the above recommendations, and also to abandon synthetic socks and pantyhose, stop wearing unnatural and uncomfortable shoes.The skin of the feet should not sweat excessively, it should constantly breathe, which can allow shoes only from natural materials.

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