Why does daub occur between menstruation

You will need
  • - calendar of menstruation;
  • - consultation of the gynecologist.
With the release of the egg, this process may entail slight changes in the hormonal background. The result is bloody discharge in very small quantities - the so-called "daub". Its duration is rarely more than two days. The presence of such secretions, according to physicians, refers to normal physiological phenomena, even when they are accompanied by mild pain in the lower abdomen. But if daub is more like bleeding, and besides, it continues for several days in a row, you need to visit a gynecologist to find out its causes.
When a daub occurs, no matter how harmless it may appear, some reasons indicating a health problem should be excluded. These can be temporary hormonal disorders, various diseases such as endometritis or endometriosis, which trigger a malfunction in the body.In older women, daub in the break between menstruation can be triggered by polyps or endometrial hyperplasia - this condition is sometimes preceded by uterine cancer.
Sometimes minor bleeding may occur in women with cervical erosion. Ointment in such cases is preceded by sexual intercourse, douching, other "internal interventions." Highlight dark color appear in those women who are protected by hormonal contraception, spiral, vaginal ring, oral contraceptives.
What is the exact cause of the discharge, it is necessary to find out with the help of a specialist. Any of the health problems that result in daubing can have very bad consequences for a woman’s body. For example, bleeding between menstruation can be a signal of serious health problems that can lead to infertility or other equally negative consequences. Hormonal disorders, organic changes such as neoplasms, polyps, inflammatory conditions - the reasons can be varied.

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