Why does insomnia appear after training?

You came from the gymnasium, where you honestly “worked out” for one or two hours, fatigue makes itself felt, and all your thoughts on the way home were busy with the idea of ​​how you will sleep peacefully. But in fact, everything turns out differently. The body is really tired, and some strange excitement in my head does not allow to fall asleep. This problem is often faced by novices, and even those who have been engaged for years already. It can be solved, and we will be happy to tell you how.

Why is this happening?

Insomnia and the truth brings a lot of inconvenience - constant turning over in bed, a huge number of thoughts, anxiety. Its reasons may be different, and here are the main ones:

  1. Overwork. It can happen if you just started and chose the wrong load. Or were forced to take a break, and resume training, but forgot about the gradual increase in the load. You need to be very careful, because particularly difficult stages of overwork provoke not only problems with sleep, but also hormonal disruptions.
  2. Excessive release of endorphin and adrenaline.This is facilitated by too active and prolonged muscle work. These hormones are responsible for vigor and activity, and their elevated level in the blood just does not allow to quietly move away into the realm of Morpheus.
  3. Muscle tone What kind of sport you would not choose, warm-up before exercise and stretching after it should be mandatory. This helps the muscles to go to rest. Otherwise, the tone - the tension of the muscles, to remain, and you will not feel too comfortable.
  4. Unspent energy. It also happens that insomnia after a workout occurs in the case when the energy intended for loads during workouts is not fully spent. This happens especially often in cases where a person has been engaged for a long time, and then for some reason has dramatically reduced the load.
  5. Wrong mode. Active strength training should take place at least 4 hours before sleep, lighter possible 3 hours. Dinner should not be late and too dense. If you do not adhere to these rules, you may have problems that are associated with them.

How to deal with it?

To minimize the negative effects of sports in the form of problems with sleep, it is enough to follow simple recommendations. What to do?

  1. Choose the correct mode.Try to move the evening workout early, so that the body can rebuild after active loads in a calm, ordinary way.
  2. Do not eat before classes. This is one of the main rules. Physical activity on a full stomach can lead not only to problems with sleep, but also to the digestive system.
  3. Do not wear for wear. Such sacrifices will definitely not be beneficial. And even worse - will pull a series of health problems. Stick to the selected loads. After them you should feel a little tired, but not fall down.
  4. Master the breathing practices. Training - stress for the body, and to help it easier to survive, you can use breathing exercises. They will help find reach emotional balance and relax the body.
  5. Walking The simplest "folk remedy" for insomnia are walks in the fresh air. Leaving the hall, do not run straight home, take a walk in the nearest park or just walk along the street. This will help your biological clock tune in to rest.

Now, even if you run into the fact that after training you can not fall asleep, you know how to get rid of this problem.And do not forget about proper nutrition and water balance. Be healthy and beautiful!

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