Why doesn't Yandex open?

Yandex is one of the most popular search engines. In addition, the service has a lot of additional applications such as "Yandex. Mail", "Yandex. Market", "Yandex. Dictionaries", etc., which facilitate the user to solve certain tasks. However, sometimes the site for some reason does not open, and this, of course, is a big problem for those who are used to using tools from Yandex.

However, in most cases, the problem is easily solved. Let's see why Yandex can not work and what can be done about it.


In Russia, a law “On the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development” was recently adopted, under which a special register of prohibited sites was created. A provider or network administrator can block these most forbidden sites. At the same time, the site filter can be set so “crookedly” that one of the innocent Yandex services gets under the “hot” hand, for example, due to the placement of some “unwanted” advertisement.

Most often this situation occurs in educational institutions, usually schools ask the provider to provide a limited access package by default,but sometimes the school administration itself additionally blocks a number of resources.

Anonymizer sites will help circumvent the restrictions, which change the user's IP, thereby opening access to resources that are inaccessible to real IP. Among the most popular resources is the market, it is quite easy to manage and at the same time reliable.


Of course, viruses can also prevent the opening of a site. In order to understand whether a virus is the cause of a problem, perform a full scan of your PC for viruses, and if it is found, remove the virus and delete or disinfect the files it has damaged.

You can download a free trial version of the antivirus, for example,.

Browser extensions

If you have an additional program installed in your browser to block certain resources that you personally don’t like, you may have accidentally put Yandex on your personal blacklist. Go to the browser settings, then "Extensions" or "Add-ons" and configure them correctly.

Technical difficulites

No one, of course, is immune from technical problems. It may be that the server is overloaded, a hacker attack, or another user-independent problem.In this case, it remains only to sit and wait until the problem is corrected.

Browser issues

Problems with the opening of Yandex may arise if you use a too old version of the browser, but even if the browser is new, the cache may be full. Try to open Yandex in another browser - perhaps the problem will be solved. And the browser on which Yandex does not work will need to update or clear the cache if you want everything to work on it.

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