Why does silver turn black - signals of your body

Why does silver turn black - signals of your bodyLet's take a closer look at the question why silver turns black.

Silver is a precious metal that is widely known for its antimicrobial properties. That is why silverware is used in religious rituals.

Why does silver turn black in a short time? This process usually does not depend on when you cleaned the product. Sometimes it also happens that jewelry on one hand only darkens or earrings darken, and the chain does not.

There are several opposing opinions about why silver is blackened on the human body. We will consider them all, and which theory to believe, decide for yourself.

Why is it darkening silver - damage is being made on you

Mystics and esotericists believe that silver jewelry purifies the aura of a person from negativity. That is why, when damage is induced on you, silver jewelry darkens dramatically. Also, according to psychics, this may portend misfortune or illness.

Why does the silver on the human body darken?

  1. Some psychics believe that this is a sign of damage or love spell.
  2. This means that you are constantly in a depressed state, and the decoration takes all your negative.
  3. This foreshadows the immediate misfortune and problems.Why does silver turn black - signals of your body

If your decoration has darkened, esotericists are advised to clean it and put it in a container with salt water at night so that the moon illuminates the vessel. Thus, you clean the product from the negative. It will not be superfluous to go to church and take communion. It is worth noting that there is no scientific confirmation of the mystical theory.

Why does silver blacken a chemical reaction?

All silver jewelry have a sample. This is usually 925 or less than 856 samples. The sample shows how many percent of silver contains decoration, and how many percent - of impurities. So, in the decoration of the 925 sample contains 92.5% silver, and the rest is impurity. Copper is usually included in their composition, which tends to react with air and salts of sweat, from which the metal darkens. The lower the sample, the more impurities in the product and the higher the probability of darkening.Why does silver turn black - signals of your body

Why does the silver on the body darken? This may be due to increased sweating or hormonal alteration of the body.Maybe you have recently been ill and your sweat composition has changed. Copper in the composition of jewelry reacts with the salts of your sweat, if the sweat composition changes, then, accordingly, the reaction will be more pronounced.

But there are also such cases that silver does not just darken, but turns black. Blackening can not only decorations, and even silver figurines or cutlery.

What makes silver black? Most often this is due to changes in the environment and the room. Perhaps the temperature or humidity conditions have changed dramatically. Remember, maybe you used a new product for cleaning the product, which caused such a reaction.Why does silver turn black - signals of your body

Sometimes your favorite ornaments sharply turn black. This can happen even immediately after cleaning. Why does silver appear on the human body? Sharp blackening may occur due to increased sweating, maybe you are taking antibiotics or hormonal drugs. What else makes the silver black on the body? It may also occur due to a new body care cream. For this reason, sellers are advised to remove all the jewelry when you spend cosmetic procedures or take a bath.There are cases when only the chain has turned black. Why does the black chain around his neck turn black? On the neck is a lot of sweat glands. If at you only the chains turn black, and the rest of the ornaments remain light - this indicates a change in the hormonal background. Perhaps you should pass the test for hormones.

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