Why can not eat meat and what can replace it?

From personal experience, I know that after the first couple of weeks, many (especially newly-minted fasting) begin hell breaking. The involuntary desire to “taste the forbidden fruit” is reinforced by a mass of stereotypes imposed by society on the “usefulness” of animal products. Meanwhile, there is a lot of research, scientifically proven facts and own observations, refuting all misconceptions. So let's find out: is there life without meat ?!

Let's start with the fact that, creating a man, nature placed him in ideal living conditions with a warm climate and “paradise gardens”, after having provided him with everything necessary for digesting and assimilating plant food, namely, a long (12 m) intestine with a soft alkaline microflora . Eat, enjoy, do not want to live. However, the man bored in the "garden" - tired. I will go, says evolve ...

Why can not eat meat and what can replace it?

What this has led us to is now every day we see: bad ecology, eternal stresses and unhealthy, extremely unhealthy food.The development of cattle breeding forced our poor organism to adapt to the consumption of animal products. And yet not every one of us is able to at least partially digest them.

The length of the human intestine, as already mentioned above, 12 meters (!), And it’s better not to think about what the compound meat product turns into on the way to the “way out”. He, as befits a piece of dead flesh, begins to release corpse poison and other toxins that poison our living tissues.

So, in vain attempts to push the underiveed piece through the esophagus even the most “dietary” chicken, the human body begins to rapidly produce an acid that destroys the alkaline intestinal microflora. Sour gastric juice “oxidizes” the blood, which, in turn, begins to flush out calcium and other useful trace elements from the bones, putting them off where it is. Of course, this does not bear any immediate harm, but after years of thoughtless meat-eating, the accumulated good on the joints will certainly manifest itself in the form of arthrosis and osteoporosis. And this, I tell you, not even the tip of the iceberg. Next - more: our own, once ideally alkaline,the microflora will begin to die, thereby depriving the stomach of the ability to function properly and assimilate its plant food. Juicy and sweet fruits and vegetables will seem as fresh as grass (although it was once a delight) and will no longer saturate. By not taking a dose of animal carcinogens at dinner, we will not be able to feel full, we will feel that we will be weakened by a lack of animal protein.

Why can not eat meat and what can replace it?

Doctors and nutritionists are trying to convince us that meat contains amino acids, without which we simply can’t live, but for some reason they are silent about the brutal and unethical production methods. They do not say that cattle and poultry are cut off with antibiotics so that they do not get sick, they are fed with hormones so that they grow up more quickly.

Just for reference: the chicken in the poultry farm grows 45 days, while the bird from the farmer's farm - at least 6 months ...

This rubbish without our knowledge penetrates into our body, is absorbed into the blood and begins to act. It's no secret that antibiotics not only destroy the liver, but also cause addiction, so our immune system simply stops responding. I think it’s not necessary to explain how it threatens us.The use of alien hormones is fraught with hormonal disruptions, sterility, cancer.

In addition, it has long been proven that meat has narcotic properties. With each piece of it in our brain, the mechanism that releases dopamine, the pleasure hormone, is released, which is usually released under the influence of nicotine, cocaine, alcohol and amphetamine.

Carnitine, or vitamin BT (also used in the production of a number of sports nutrition products), which is composed mainly of red meat, which, like chicken, consists of 70 percent of antibiotics and hormones, under the influence of bacteria that live in our digestive tract, converted to extremely dangerous for the heart trimethylamine-N-oxide. It is a metabolite that clogs arteries for a company with cholesterol plaques and inevitably leads to cardiovascular diseases.

Together with the unassimilated amino acids, proteins and animal proteins, animal fats enter our bodies, which, as you understand, also remain out of work. Fatty meat fried in fatty fat is not digested, not digested and oxidized, paving the way for us from obesity to heart attack.

  • Pork contains 14.5–37.3% fat;
  • lamb - 6.5-31%;
  • beef - 2–23%;
  • chicken - 8–16%.

Why can not eat meat and what can replace it?

The fat that gets into our body along with seeds or nuts, for example, carries no cholesterol threat for us, while fatty meat slowly kills all the cells. So it turns out, eating meat puts us at risk of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, obesity, food poisoning of the body and cardiovascular diseases, and the reason is that the ingestion of a huge amount of animal fats and proteins, cholesterol, hormones, antibiotics and toxins, to cope with which at some point it becomes simply hard ...

If you want to maintain your health, but are not able to deny yourself the “pleasure” of meat-eating, start small. A 47-day post is not so much. And to meet protein needs, lean on legumes, green plants and cereals, scoop healthy fats, vitamins and amino acids from seeds and nuts.

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