What can you wear beautiful ankle boots with every day? (17 photos)

Every woman tries not to deviate from modern fashion trends, to one degree or another, she has a rather deep impact on our images and tastes.

Recently, amazing half-shoes, half shoes, which are now called by one buzzword - ankle boots, have received stormy and unabating love.

Chic shoes

Such shoes for several seasons in a row occupy a leading position in all ratings of stylish and popular clothing, and designers tirelessly invent new and unusual models.

Such a stormy popularity is easily explained: stylish, beautiful, and comfortable shoes are always in love among the female population, because such a rare combination of qualities can be found rarely in one bottle. Everything else, ankle boots, this is such a shoe, which is very well combined with the overwhelming majority of modern clothes, but, like everywhere else, it was not without pitfalls.

Recently, it has become increasingly difficult to list the basic styles of such shoes, since it does not tire of striking with its diversity: with or without heels, wedges, closed or with open inserts, demi-season or winter, and lately you can find summer options!

Pants should be narrow

But the more models we are offered store shelves, the more the question arises, and what to wear fashionable ankle boots in the upcoming 2014?

It is easy to guess that in all the turbulent variety it is much easier to get confused and make the wrong choice, therefore, it is necessary to select a regular pair of shoes under your specific image with caution.

The main drawback of such shoes is that they visually shorten the legs, as if cutting off the foot from the main part of the foot. Especially it concerns classical models of standard length on a small heel. If you undergo such a mistake, the entire image will be spoiled, and even the slender and long-legged beauty will turn into a short-legged one.

Good for winter

How to choose ankle boots?

First, you need to carefully and meticulously examine yourself in the mirror. If you know for sure that you have such a shortcoming,like enough full ankles, then you will have to give up such shoes, since they are able to visually make your feet even fuller.

This will make your image heavy, break the balance of the figure, even if before, this shortcoming was not so obvious. If you are still a happy owner of such a model, you will have to choose the right clothes.

The ideal option for almost any ankle boots - it's tight tights or leggings to match the shoe itself. You can use fashionable in this season, thick high socks or stockings. Due to this combination, the leg length is lengthened, and if the color of the tights or leggings is dark, for example, black, then they are also slim.

In sporty style

Over the tights or what you have chosen, a short sheath dress fits perfectly, and the shorter it is, the more spectacular the image will be.

It's all about the line of the skirt - the higher it is, the more you visually extend your legs. Naturally, to decide on such a fairly frank and bold outfit, you must be confident in the beauty and harmony of your legs in every centimeter, only so you will achieve a chic and very stylish look.

The main thing is to choose a good skirt length

A short dress can be replaced by a short narrow skirt or the same shorts, but the principle, still remains the same. If your pantyhose or leggings will contrast with ankle boots, then again you will come to the effect of "cut off" legs.

A good combination can be achieved by combining ankle boots, pantyhose in tone and a free dress-tunic, or a dress shirt that promise to be popular in the 2014 season.

In fact, when you go for another pair of shoes, it is quite difficult to choose exactly what you would like, eyes run off with a variety of beautiful boots on heels, without a heel, on a wedge or with open noses.

Open toe

By the way, about the latter. If you are a zealous lover of such shoes, then carefully watch what you combine them with. The fact is that such a style does not accept a combination with tights or stockings, as it was with the previous version. The fingers should remain open and thoroughly show through in the open toe. To do this, you can use leggings, but the best option in this case is a sports combination with narrow jeans.

The main thing is not to fill them inside, especially if the color of the leg differs from the ankle boots.As an option - slightly roll them up from the bottom, making a neat cuff or pick up a model that slightly touches the top of the ankle boots.

Convenient and beautiful

For balance and harmony, the whole image can be supplemented with a jacket in the tone of shoes or a jacket-leather jacket, which is so relevant in the coming season. Particularly harmonious in this style are black ankle boots or light, lightweight models that can also have half-open slits on the sides or open heels. This image fits perfectly for a romantic date, a walk around the city or even for a club party.

The main thing to remember, if you chose a bright enough and decorated model of ankle boots, it is important to be able to create a harmonious image.

For example, bright red or ultra blue models may be the only bright thing in your image, they can be diluted with a black dress or any other subtle top. Accessories or handbag in tone - and the image is ready! Believe me, nothing more needs to be added, bright and juicy shoes will play the desired role!

Some more tips

  • As we have said, women's shoe boots have become quite common shoes, there are spring, autumn and winter models that can please us with the very unusual colors and decor.It is important to observe harmony everywhere: for example, winter boots with fur will be out of place in early autumn or warm spring, and light demi-season models with a neckline are not combined with slush and warm twists.
  • Remember that there are several rules that prohibit the combination of such shoes with certain clothes. For example, this applies to classic trousers with arrows, it is also contraindicated with ankle boots to wear loose models of flared knee-length or lower dresses, the same applies to evening long dresses.
  • If you are going to a business meeting or a serious reception, it is better to choose a model with closed noses on a medium stud, preferably black or any other soothing color.
  • Be careful of wedge ankle boots, they do not always look with a narrow skirt, sometimes it is better to combine them with skinny jeans.
  • Lace-up ankle boots are an elegant and sophisticated shoe that has a slight retro tint, which means you need to choose an image in the appropriate style.
  • Suede and leather demi-season models are a great option for the off-season, which is best combined with short coats or fitted jackets, but long models of coats or jackets are contraindicated for them.

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