Wow: a giant cat!

Sonya Morsikova August 16, 2016

Meet Samson, a Maine Coon cat from New York weighing ... 13 kilograms! This 1.2-meter-long bushwood dog has already been dubbed "the biggest cat in all of New York." However, it is possible that he has no equal in the whole world!

“A very cute, but capricious cat,” says Jonathan, the owner of Samson. - We call him "gentle giant", because it is so. In the mornings, he first of all sneaks into my bedroom and goes around like a kitten. In a word, a dream, not a pet! "

By the way, the owner of Samson says that his pet is not at all overweight. On the contrary, the cat is in great shape and can boast of strong health. “He just has a physique like a husky,” Jonathan laughs.

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