Your plan for a healthy mouth

Healthy teeth are not only a beautiful smile, but one of the most important factors in the health of the whole human body. However, we remember this only when the tooth is already damaged, and concrete measures must be taken to save it. But in order to be the owner of strong jaws, you need quite a bit: overcome your laziness and draw up a plan of action in which you will gradually write down all the activities to preserve the health of your teeth.

Sign up for a consultation with a dentist

The first point in this regard can be a scheduled visit to the doctor. In order to identify existing problems and understand ways to solve them, you, of course, need a professional opinion of a specialist. With the doctor, if necessary, you will form the procedure for solving your "dental" issues. And if there is a need, then order braces on the teeth to correct the bite. Such a serious step will allow you once and for all to build a dental row in a beautiful and correct line, which will relieve from the usual discomfort and give confidence in yourself.Additional information about braces, their types and installation can be read by clicking on the link


Everyone knows about the fact that teeth need to be cleaned twice a day, but there are some peculiarities of brushing your teeth, which are forgotten by everyone.

  • Teeth should be cleaned thoroughly. A good cleaning should take up to 5 minutes of your time. Do not make sudden movements to quickly complete the procedure. The more thorough your actions are, the less bacteria will remain on the surface of the tooth enamel.
  • Care properly for your toothbrush. After use, do not forget to rinse it well and leave it in a soapy solution. Or, you can simply wipe the brush with a bar of soap for storage and rinse it before use. How to do better, decide for yourself. Both that and other method will make your assistant inaccessible to bacteria.
  • The choice of toothpaste does not really matter. In any case, no matter what effect it may have (whitening, firming, complex and others), its action is still short-term, and all the additional benefits do not have a significant impact on the condition of the teeth.


There is a theory that, among other things, our teeth are destroyed due to the lack of necessary work. That is, they chew a little. Our food is too soft and does not need long chewing, as it was many thousands of years ago. You can train your teeth with regular sugarless chewing gum several times a day.

Proper nutrition

The fact that sweet is bad for the teeth even children know. So do not pamper yourself too often with sweets and cakes. And after such a treat, do not forget to brush your mouth with a toothbrush.

However, among the useful products are those that can harm the teeth. So, everyone likes apples and citrus fruits will cause destruction of the enamel, if after using them do not rinse your mouth with ordinary water.

Also, do not abuse food and drink, either hot or cold (referring to the refrigerator). Food temperature should be as close as possible to room temperature. Thus, the food will not be an additional factor destroying the fragile tooth enamel.

But to help the teeth to combat the "attack" of bacteria and to be stronger, the sour-milk products rich in calcium will help. This element is necessary for the formation and strengthening of bone tissue.This, of course, is about home-made products (kefir, yogurt, ryazhenka), and not about sweet desserts advertised on TV, in which there is a lot of sugar and harmful additives.

Chewing gum, by the way, can also be classified as useful products for the oral cavity. Making the habitual movement more actively produced saliva, gum (without sugar) provokes additional salivation, which, in turn, cleans the oral cavity from food debris and bacteria.

These simple components are the main components of the health of your teeth. After all, the disease is always better to prevent than to treat. You will forget about toothache for a long time, and you can “use” your own teeth until old age.

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